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Could Joel Embiid Fall to No.9?

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#31 stirs


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Posted 20 June 2014 - 07:47 PM

Jordan is the owner and I think he had the same surgery, so......


Wiggins goes number one by the way

#32 Rise of The Hive

Rise of The Hive


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Posted 20 June 2014 - 10:46 PM

I don't see him falling past the Lakers but if he does fall to 9 Cho better pull the trigger.

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Posted 21 June 2014 - 01:55 AM

Keep in mind there's probably not a better situation for him to succeed in the top 10 given his health than in Charlotte.


With a frontcourt of Al, Zeller, McBob (assuming he's back) and Biz, there's no pressure to give him minutes early to help our production in that department. At best, the biggest need there is backup center and even then that role can be filled by a (hopefully improving) Biz and, when need be, maybe Zeller and that's not close to this roster's biggest flaw. Heck, Embiid could sit out the entire year and it wouldn't be that much of a loss.


As desperate as the team is for wing scoring, this draft is so deep, they could still find great production at 24, especially if a guy like Hairston falls far enough. They could even move up to get him if need be. Also, there's 20 million available in free agency, and while it's not exactly chocked full of wing players, there's bound to be improvements over what's on the roster of a team that just won 43 games with the frontcourt doing all the work.


I keep trying to talk myself into a Stauskas, McDermott, or a Harris, and none of those really have the excitement that the Kemba pick did at 9 (which wasn't a need) or the Star Lotulelei pick at 14 (the guy mocked at #1, but falls because of alleged HEART health issue.)


At worst, you turn heads on draft night with people salivating over the prospect of the two twin towers in Charlotte if Embiid stays healthy, he sits out next year, still becomes Greg Oden anyway, but the frontcourt production for a team that wants to "win now" stays in tact so the loss is minimal unless (knock on wood) somebody gets hurt. Embiid is a bust, but hey, it's a pick you completely lucked into in the first place, and you swung for the fences for a guy with the highest upside who just last week you couldn't dream you'd get to draft.


At best, he's the Joel Embiid everybody expected pre-Injury, and you have the best player in this loaded draft, the league's best frontcourt, and you're under no pressure to retain Al for the money he will command if his numbers stay consistent by the time his contract is up, meaning you can retain your cap flexibility and have a potential superstar to build around.


If he's at 9, turn that card in with his name on it as fast as you can. 



#34 carpanfan96


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Posted 21 June 2014 - 02:33 PM

He won't make it past Boston or LA.

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Posted 21 June 2014 - 03:13 PM

Joel Embiid is my friend on PlayStation :)

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#36 Rise of The Hive

Rise of The Hive


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Posted 21 June 2014 - 10:52 PM

Goodman has him going 10th to Philly, I'd be irate.

#37 CarolinaPanthers8789


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Posted 21 June 2014 - 11:11 PM

Jeff Goodman: One NBA GM picking in Top 10 on Embiid: "My medical people told me flat-out not to take him."

#38 Hornet_Stebbins35



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Posted 21 June 2014 - 11:31 PM

I think I would consider doing it... But I don't think I would. I believe we need a scorer. McDermott is the guy we need to get at 9. Also I think they need to try and get Monroe in the free agency. 

#39 Mike



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Posted 22 June 2014 - 05:23 AM

Cavs? No.
Bucks? No.
76ers? No.

Magic? Possibly, they do need a potential star to build around, and while risky, Embiid does fit the bill. He's an athletic center that can protect the rim, allowing Vuceivic to drop to PF.

Jazz? They do have Favours and Kanter that can play center. I suppose they can slot Favours in at PF and Embiid at C.

Celtics? Another team that could use a big, athletic center like Embiid.

Lakers? Same as above, but they also have three players contracted. If they want to built another contender, Embiid gives them a defensive lynch pin to their line up.

Kings? At this stage he's too good of value to pass up even with Cousins on the roster. The Kings have tried to find a PF to pair with Cousins. I think they'd be tempted to pair the two of them together. Embiid gives them a big upgrade on defense, taking some pressure off Cousins.

I can't see him falling to is at #9. Even with his injuries I see a few teams from #4 to #8 that will consider taking him. If Parker, Wiggins and Exum are the top three picks that leaves Smart, Gordon, Vonleh and Randle as the guys that mostly land in the top eight. In terms of bigs Embiid has more potential than the other three, and while risky, I don't see a team passing up on his talent if they get reassurances of his health.

That said, if he falls to #9 we should snap him up, even if it means sitting him for a season like the 76ers did with Noel.

#40 wingswithsting



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Posted 22 June 2014 - 06:14 AM

If he falls to #9, then turn that card in quickly. It may be a little risky, but this guy is a true talent. We also have an assistant coach in Ewing who could work with and really help develop his skills

#41 PantherMan89



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Posted 22 June 2014 - 03:53 PM

Saw on hoopshype that Philly would likely select him at 3 if he falls to them. Hard to envision him making it to #9 if a team as high as 3 is thinking of taking him

#42 Keith Moons Liver

Keith Moons Liver

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Posted 22 June 2014 - 04:31 PM


#43 carolina-chuck


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Posted 25 June 2014 - 01:55 PM

Lakers are a team that could really use Embiid, but hearing that if he does end up there at 7 that the Lakers will pass on him. They're worried about his foot. He could really fall all the way down to no9. We'll see tomorw.

#44 ItsPantone278



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Posted 26 June 2014 - 12:03 PM

Move up to 5 and nab him. Debut him in 2015. Hopefully we can keep Ewing around for him.

#45 FearTheCats



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Posted 26 June 2014 - 12:36 PM

Lakers are a team that could really use Embiid, but hearing that if he does end up there at 7 that the Lakers will pass on him. They're worried about his foot. He could really fall all the way down to no9. We'll see tomorw.

I'd be shocked if he falls past Boston assuming they stay at 6. Ainge has shown in the past he is not afraid to take players with big time injury risks.

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