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Graham ruling is in!

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And now as a result, some of the players are pissed at the coach.

Sean Payton may have a locker-room issue to address

After reporting last week that Saints coach Sean Payton testified in the Jimmy Graham grievance hearing, we caught wind of at least one member of the media having one or more players (it’s unclear whether they play for the Saints) ready to provide strong to quite strong on-the-record criticism of Payton for his role in the process.

Regardless of whether Payton gets called out for serving as a witness in determining how Graham is used (really, it would have been odd not to hear from Graham’s head coach on the issue), Payton will be facing at a minimum some awkwardness when it’s time to interact again with the team.  Some will view his testimony as taking $5.3 million out of Graham’s pockets — even if that’s not what Payton wanted to do.  He’ll need to make sure the players understand why he did what he did, without painting Graham as greedy or inappropriate.

Graham lost in part because Payton’s testimony helped persuade Burbank to pull out a yardstick and draw a line in the slot.  The coach is quoted multiple times in the 14-page ruling, explaining for example that “[w]hen our receivers are lined up widest in formations, they are never covered by safeties or linebackers ever,” and that “[n]ever ever ever ever ever does a linebacker match up with a wide receiver ever.”



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can't wait to watch the saints lockerroom implode

It could be like watching Alice poo his L-V spandex pants while attempting to squat 75lbs trying to impress the chicks in his Pregnant Mom's Fitness class. If only he could have squeezed a little tighter and held that fart a little longer he could have scored with the prego teen mom in search of a sugar daddy.

Sent from my iPhizzle while pooping using CarolinaHizzle

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well....could have is probably a bit of a stretch, don't ya think???


all that daddy money and the prego teen mom would have still said no

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Further rift? So you're saying there's a rift because he's trying to get the most amount of money? I guess there is a rift between Panthers and Hardy and one brewing for Newton. Previous details put Saints offer around $10M a year, well above the now $7M tag. Seems Jimmy was looking for a little over $11M prior to ruling, not a huge difference in price.

even from your description you can see the rift.

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Graham and the Stains are at "Ground Zero" the star TE or WR puts it.


Could possibly hold out until November to force his immediate free agency after this season.  Doesn't sound like he wants to be in America's armpit anymore.



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