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Jeremy Igo

Training Camp Wrapup - July 29

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I'm not worried about Ealy yet. Playing in the NFL is hard. Very hard. It's not about whether or not you fail. It's about your attitude when you fail. It's cliche but if he takes his lumps and works to improve he will be fine. Greg Hardy saw a jump in production at year 3. Charles Johnson broke out in year 4. We have a ton of camp left but we project him as a sub package guy. If he can come in fresh and use his quickness, he can still be productive. Even if his technique needs refinement.

As far as bell is concerned. He has some scars from you fans. He's read your tweets and instagram messages. I think he's taken himself completely off social media because of the constant abuse. And I think you could hear that anger in his speech. But he is going into his 4th year, I hear he cooks all of his meals now to try and up his game. You hear about a lot of guys getting a little older and wiser and using nutrition/lifestyle to give them an edge.

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if anyone needs some bubble wrap, check out DG's right leg


I saw that too.  Beautiful.




My few thoughts:   I love the GIF incorporated into the post.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE THIS TREND!



I also get very angry seeing Stewart sitting on the bike looking like he doesn't give a poo because he is guaranteed 8.5 million no matter what the next 2 years.

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