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Not Panthers News, But Some of you will be happy at this suspension

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In the context of the show, I think it's worth discussing that they should change from talking on social issues.  Yeah, we are all in agreement that Stephen A made a mistake, but the show censored him and they didn't debate this issue like others.  Here is a youtube clip talking on the situation from a black perspective. (There's some cursing in it but it's not overly so.  Probably curses 4 or 5 times in the video for those of you who are like me who wince at 'em)




Overall I have to agree with this video.  As I said I can't look at First Take in the same light anymore after they ran away from this topic.  If you are going to let your anchors on all these sports shows discuss social issues, don't punish them when they say something that sets off a firestorm, and don't censor them.  If you're going to do sports, do it.  Don't have a sports version of "The View". (Notice how Whoopi Golberg wasn't suspended for her defense of Stephen A.  That is because that show is about discussing social issues)  Now when Stephen A. comes back, I'm going to question if something is his opinion or is he simply towing the company line?  If I ever thought he was fake before, which many believe he is at times, I'm definitely going to believe he's fake now.  I laugh at some of the things that are mentioned in that youtube clip because they are true.  Smith offended black people for supporting Cuban's usage of walking on the other side of the street when he sees a black guy with a hoodie.  For him to walk on the other side of the street when a white guy is coming at him, he has to be a skin head who's body is covered in tatoos.  Can't you see the unfairness in those statements?  All the black guy has to do is have on a "Bill Belichick" hoodie to appear menacing enough for Cuban, yet the white guy has to look like an all around thug. (Of course we know the "hoodie" thing brought back allusions to the Trayvon Martin case)  People were offended by those statements, and Stephen A was unapologetic in his defense of Cuban.  What did First Take do?  They continued to discuss it.  They brought on Michael Eric Dyson to debate with Smith.  They didn't censor that one.  Why censor the debate now?  Why suspend Stephen A. now?



So I agree with the youtube clip.  If you are going to censor a guy for making comments on a social issue, no longer talk on social issues.  Just talk sports, that's where these guys are experts, or suppose to be experts heehee!  Stephen A. can offend as many people as he wants on sports issues, and that is fair game. (And that really goes to all the other ESPN shows as well.)  Of course from time to time you sometimes will have to dive into social issues because athletes do live lives, but keep it in the realm as it relates to sports.  Say Ray Rice should have been suspended for more games, don't let your anchors dive into the issue of domestic violence.

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