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Top 5 players at Each Position

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You dont want Lance playing much PG right now because he turns it over way too much.  A lot of the mistakes he makes with the ball are fixable though, and if learns to keep his dribble under control he can cut seriously down on those turnovers.


And just because you dont watch Derozan play doesnt mean he has poor handles.  There is a reason Derozan gets to the line 8 times/ game- he can dribble into the lane under control and force the help defenders to come over and make a play (something Lance straight up cant do right now- he is too out of control). 


Well IF Lance took 18 shots per game and averaged over 22 points you might have a real argument, but he didnt so whats your point?  Thats like saying if Derozan played next to one of the best wing players in the league and only took 11 shots he could shoot 49% from the field


You do not have to have a great handle to be able to get to the line. 


All you need is to be aggressive attacking the basket and knowing how to draw fouls. I am pretty sure Derozan uses mostly a hard dribble and 2-3 step before launching in the air. 


EDIT* go to youtube to check out mr derozan and first two plays are him attacking with a hard dribble. 



I doubt I will see many nifty dribbling in traffic, fancy ballhandling, etc. 


Derozan is a nice young prospect. But I would rather have Lance due to his PG abilities, rebounding, and defense. 

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