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Jeremy Igo

Kelvin Benjamin - Aside from the touchdown....

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Another thing:

All it takes is for some one to be wrong in a few areas in the ratings, to slide you down.

Remember, if their charting 10 WR's, and let's 100 players, they have to rate them all. Because of this, they can't always spend too much time with one player (especially initially). So they grade them in different facets for an overall score. Now here's where I guy like Benjamin can slide in a stacked WR draft.

Let's say for experience; he's dinged low.

For drops, he's dinged avg.

For speed he's rated avg (though he stumbles out of his 40 YD dash).

And for Route Running, he's dinged low.

Now it's not because he's necessarily bad at these things per se. However, it's because he's deemed "in-experienced or a project", and you have other more "experienced" "NFL ready" receivers available, so people think "project" subconsciously, thus his overall score drops in comparison to "more experienced", "alleged" NFL ready receivers.

Now, if they're wrong, or Kelvin rapidly improves on some of these areas (experience, speed, route running, and/or or drops), then you end up with a much better prospect than his draft position would indicate.

Happens all the time, especially in deep drafts. Some of the best players of all time were the 5-6 QB, WR (or whoever) chosen.

Well said and I agree. Thank you for taking the time to write it all out. We seem to have hit the jackpot in the first round once again. Next year I hope the Panthers make it 5 gems in a row.

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So how did KB fall into our laps? I know this was a strong WR class and many teams needed to address the position but none more than us. Ricky worked out tons of prospects and Gettleman seemed to hint that they were always most impressed with his workout. Is it as simple as having an ex NFL receiver knowing what to look for more so than other scouts during workouts? Kelvin had problems with drops in college but it's obvious to those watching that they were primarily concentration related. I guess I'm just asking how was he available at 28? Definitely curious to see where he would have gone next year had he dominated with Winston for another season. Both could have been potentially top 10 picks.

*one top year of production, which has had mixed results in the past

*4.61 scared some teams I'm sure

*deep WR draft, plenty to choose from


*possible work ethic issues

Individually they aren't awful things to get around, but you put those four things together and you get USC's Mike WIlliams.  For everyone saying he was Megatron, there was an equal amount worrying of the massive man-child WR like Williams that doesn't end up producing. 



There were plenty of guys who were worthy.  The 4 guys that went ahead of KB were all really, really good.  Between that and the OL/DL, you had a lot of dilution where he, Cooks would've gone top ten in some other drafts.  Benjamin was more flawed in theory than the above four guys, but if you see that extra gear after his slow 10-yard (re: his 40) and get to know him to see his character concerns from three years ago aren't there anymore, you know you get a guy who'll overcome his weaknesses with smarts and hard work. 





Absolutely, right now there are a bunch of teams seeing him from the eyes of their scouting department that are going to start regretting not taking him.  Cooks is playing well and he's a more complete guy with speed than Brees has ever had, but he doesn't scare me the way it would if KB right now was playing this well. 

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I was not a Kelvin fan based on the fluctuation in his route running that seemed to cycle between crisp and lazy. Throw in warning flags with the drops and reports of work ethic issues and blowing off that coach (whether true or not) just made me very wary. But it seems he's just one of those players who need and want professional coaching and his rapport with Cam is undeniable. He might have come to the best possible place because Cam will hold him to his standard of play on every snap and he seems eager to learn and work. I'm am hoping to be so incredibly wrong and will love every bit of it.

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