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The Superman Survives

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what's the incredible hulk?  isn't that like ripping the shirt open?  calling it superman would be directed directly to Cam, so i think they may have included it with the hulk

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They are going too far with this. Football is an emotional sport. I'll bet the vast majority of fans like the ball spinning (when not directed at an opposing player) and pointing after a first down (not Cam's necessarily, just in general).


The owners are pretty much all really old guys and the commissioner isn't exactly a bag of laughs either. The league needs some new blood.

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"Standing over opponent"

From now on all players will be required to bear crawl no less than 4 yards away from whomever they just tackled before being allowed to stand to their feet. They must be facing away from the tackled player when they stand, or a 15 yard penalty will be incurred. Additionally they must also apologize for hindering the offense's ability to score touchdowns and theoretically keeping dollars out of roger's pocket. Another tackle by the same player on the ensuing play will incur a "point defending" infraction, and the offense will be allowed a "free pass"," in which all 11 of the defenders will have to leave the field for one play at minimum while the offense is free to perform a Hail Mary pass. Players who show displeasure with the rule will be fined for 12 games and forced to take a "future of the game" sympathy class.

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