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John Fox

Lets not get ahead of ourselves here...

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...........and we suck balls on the road this year.

I dont get why people keep saying this? both fans, and media. Since when is 3-3 on the road that horrible? Granted the three loses werent pretty - but at the Bucs, Falcons, and Min on the road is no easy task. Plus, wasnt this team the "road warriors" just last year,the year before and in the playoffs. I am not that worried about a John Fox team being ready to play this game agains the Giants on the road.

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The Meadowlands will be tough. I won't feel that bad if we lose. I just hope it's a blow out if we do. None of that field goal as time expires bullsh*t. A big loss will be motivation to the team; and we ARE an emotional team, that's just how we win.

I know what you are saying...but...BUT...I'd rather not see us trounced up too bad going into the playoffs.

W or L, I want us to be in the game until it's over.

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    • First I got to say, damn, people trying to instantly make us the most hated team in the league, even over the Patriots aren't they lol. With all the hate Cam already gets then add Kap even if briefly, oh lord I'd hate to picture it. Yeah that first play is what stands out to me the most. I'd expect even a rookie QB to make that read and throw the ball instead of handing it off. That drive ended up in a safety where as if he throws it to Torrey Smith it is easily a 1st down and possibly a TD as he only has to beat one man. I don't even see Kap look around any in that clip so even more so it feels like he gave it away that it was a run play and the Rams read it like a book. I don't feel like we need him nor do I feel like he is better than what we have. As for his protest, I didn't like what he was doing when he was kneeling but hey he had the right to do it. I personally think him putting his money where his mouth was, was a better way than just kneeling and I commend him for doing so. To be honest the 49'ers have said they would welcome him back. Let's not forget he would still be with them had he not voided his own contract. Somebody will sign him though I just don't see it as a starter which is what he clearly wanted to try and be by voiding with the 49'ers.
    • I feel like this is some kind of guilty admission lol and you should feel bad for voting for that Lunatic / traitor president of ours.    But guess what, you will get a chance to redeem yourself in 2020 with more information about the disgraced president  coming out every week. 

    • We don't know if we have or not. Only way we know most of this is the players taking to social media.