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Cal @ Minn

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this has been a great game. every time it looks like Cal might be able to pull away, Minnesota steps up and makes some big plays.

Decker has had a GREAT game. 2 td receptions and a PASSING TD.

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    • Only time will truly tell... But I think I would rather take every other top three over this years.... Except 2012. Corey Davis might be a complete player, but due to his injury, I think his stock never really took off like a lot of people thought it might. I'm not good enough of an analyst to know whether I like Williams or Benjamin coming out... And Ross's medicals ruin him for me. I was curious about them all along, and then this report comes out and spooks me further. If it weren't for his medicals, this class would be a different story. 
    • What number would Fournette wear do you think ? Hopefully not #27