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Russell Wilson

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I know one thing for sure...there is no way in hell that Glennon is gonna make plays out of nothing like Russell Wilson does. That Pitt defense had him dead to rights in the backfield a couple of times and he still found a way to keep the play alive.

Your team won't be nearly as good when Wilson leaves.

Wilson is a special talent and plays completely different than Glennon. But the thing is that Glennon isn't going to play until our OL is more stable. Our OL is absolutely atrocious right now but we have a lot of talent waiting in the wings to play. They will improve and when they do our offense will be even better. A lot of people are talking about Russell going pro in baseball and this being his last season but I think that he could even have one more year left and Glennon would play his redshirt Junior and Senior years. IMO that would be the ideal situation. Either way I have confidence that Tom O'brien will always have us at the top in offense.

I think one thing is for certain though..I think that it is Wilson, Ponder, and Harris for All ACC QB and then everyone else. They are the most pure QBs in the league even if Harris had a rough day.

RW - 21-35; 322 yards passing, 91 yards rushing, 4 TD passes

I'll take that line every night. He has 12 TDs this season already. He only had 17 all of last season.

Our defense and ST on the other hand needs to improve. We got gashed tonight with their field position. Once they got backed up I think they only had like 1 drive on us that produced points. But too many times they started at midfield. Reminiscient of the Panthers game of last week...

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lets just hope he sticks with football... he is a great baseball talent as well.

I think with his decision making skills and athletic ability he could really succeed with this team. I mean the guy just doesn't make bad throws and he has the athletic ability that when needed he can get out of the tackle box and toss it out.

I guess this whole throwing no INTs thing is kinda amazing to me as both a panther fan and state fan. remember daniel evans?... or harrison beck

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