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Free Agency/Draft Tracker Thread: Post News Here!

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5 minutes ago, Shocker said:

DJax and Kahlil would be mighty nice FA before the draft.

I think I'd rather have Beachum. Kalil hasn't played well since his rookie year in 2012. Beachum was solid the two years before his ACL injury in 2015/first year post ACL last year. Maybe we feel Kalil can rekindle his 2012 year and the fact that he was the 4th overall pick in the draft or more likely, he's not as good as his name got him.

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Lots of good info being added to this thread, thanks.  For important transactions re: players from other teams, I'm generally not wanting to read multiple threads (i.e. one per each player), but like having one combined topic where I can quickly see all the key transactions for a day or two at a glance, since I'm not necessarily on here every day right now.  I know there are free agent trackers online, but it's nice to come here and be able to read about the transactions specifically from a Panther fan's perspective... how does it affect us?

Yo mods / @Jeremy Igo can someone sticky this?


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Can we make a rule where there is no discussion in this thread. Just updates and news. If it requires discussion, it should have a thread. Doing this will keep this thread organized and informative without anyone having to dig through 5 pages of BS just to find updates.

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risky move

Definitely, especially with teams like Cleveland with gigantic cap space.

That said unlike what people post in here the Pats are pretty frugal. Unfortunately they have SB cache so a guy like Revis will be willing to take a 1 year deal and then roll the Jets after for a huge deal. They are the kings of comp picks and getting cheap guys that fit. Moss, Walker, Long, Hogan, etc.

I know it won't be popular but we need to be smart about FA $$$s and be happy with comp picks for guys who aren't worth their contracts.

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