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Will the Panthers still pursue Victor Cruz in free agency?

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The Carolina Panthers have already made a bevy of moves this offseason, but they might not be done yet.

Despite the top-tier free agents having been scooped up and signed teams across the NFL, the Panthers could still have their eye on another upgrade or two, including a visitor they brought in even before free agency officially began.

Former All-Pro receiver and 30-year-old Victor Cruz remains a free agent, and a quiet one at that. Outside of visiting Charlotte shortly after he was cut as a cap casualty by the Giants earlier this offseason, there's been little to no news on Cruz's standing across the NFL.

Both Cruz and Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman indicated the wide receiver's visit to Bank of America Stadium went "fine," though there hasn't been any news since, and Carolina has since had major turnover at the receiver position.

Veteran Ted Ginn Jr. has joined the Saints, while Corey Brown is now with the Bills. Carolina replaced them with Russell Shepard and Charles Johnson, two wide outs who don't have quite as much of a pedigree or experience, but will likely have more upside than Ginn and Brown. But still, when looking at the rest of the roster, the Panthers have no receivers above the age of 28 (Johnson). Kelvin Benjamin is 26, and Devin Funchess is 22.

Cruz, who will be 31 by the end of next season, isn't the player he once was, but the Panthers could use his veteran expertise to help lead the pack and guide the younger receivers to new heights.

The real issue with Cruz, however, is making his potential fit work with the cap. Carolina exhausted much of its offseason funds shoring up the trenches, adding Matt Kalil and bringing in Julius Peppers along with re-signing defensive ends Mario Addison and Charles Johnson. Most reports indicate the Panthers still have anywhere from $12-15 million left to spend, though they must leave some of that unused for the draft and other potential moves down the line.

If Carolina could get Cruz to agree to an incentive-laden contract in the $3-5 million range annually, it may be able to bring him in. If Cruz continues to hold out for a bigger offer, it could be tough for the Panthers to squeeze him in.

After two injury-plagued years in 2014 and 2015, Cruz had 39 receptions for 586 yards and a touchdown for New York last season.

Should Cruz still be signed for his vet. experience?

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probably gave him an offer and he probably thinks he's worth more, and he's shopping himself around.


everyday that goes by his price comes down though.. And he better not wait too long because after the draft he'll be on the clearance rack

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What, exactly does Cruz get us for the money and roster space?

He doesn't have the speed anymore. He has injuries and he's getting older by the day.

We don't need another on-field coach type of player. What we need is either one helluva fast receiver with good hands, or someone brave and sturdy enough to play slot receiver and take the risky routes through the center of the field.

Cruz isn't really either of those types. Our new pick ups might well be, and if not, there are a slew of them in the draft.

Had he been coming out of the Giants with plenty of tread on his tires and a good season just waiting to happen, Gettleman's connections would have let him know. And we haven't heard a sniff out of Gettleman so far on this. I'm thinking he's been told to let Cruz go elsewhere in the market. Just like Nicks in the years before.


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Eh, I think we gave him an offer and that end is still open. Not to let him go completly.




edit: you think people tell gman what to do? He consults with people but gettleman relies on himself and his expirience.


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I beleive we will use the draft to upgrade WR and bring in a handful of UDFA WRs loke usual and see if any pan out. I think we are done with FA WR by bringing in 2 guys with pretty good upside 

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