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How Much Does The Defense Change Under Coach Wilks?

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10 hours ago, CarolinaNCSU said:

I just pray to see less and less of the cushion we give teams in zone.  Let our DBs play up more this year...enough giving teams a 7-8 yard pass all day long. 

Yes that really pisses me off when we do that and give Brees or Ryan an easy ass completion. I've been preaching this forever. And no more sitting back in a zone on 3rd and 15 and only rushing 4. We need to be blitzing there and playing press man or playing up man coverage. Let's not give the QB any damn time to figure it out. He's got 15 yards to go, of we blitz a little bit he'll only have about 1.5 seconds to make a decision. With man coverage that's harder to do than zone where you see the holes. 

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16 hours ago, billionairemonk said:

Captain Munnerlyn did an interview on Sirius/XM last week and they asked him this question. He said he didn't expect there to be much difference; but he did say that Wilks does like blitzing the nickel corner, something Munnerlyn was obviously excited about.  

That is a good move. As far as nickels go, I think Munnerlyn is ELITE when it comes to playing around the line - blitzing, run stopping. The deeper he has to go in coverage, the more of a liability he is.

I was thinking about Wilkes the other day. How much input do you think he had with personnel decisions we are seeing on D, especially Munnerlyn? Knowing Captain very well, and hearing that blitzing him is in the plans, I feel like Wilkes was probably lobbying hard to pick him up.

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Wilks having worked under Lovie Smith could mean more Cover 2 than before. That's a possibility at least, though the Panthers certainly used Cover 2 at least somewhat under McDermott also.

That said, Wilks' primary defensive mentor has actually been Ron Rivera. And while Rivera also worked under Smith (more so than Wilks did) it's well known that Rivera's preferred defensive scheme is the Jim Johnson Zone Blitz.

Other background: McDermott was a safety when he played and was a DB Coach prior to becoming a coordinator.. Wilks also comes from a defrnsive back/secondary coaching background, so we're not switching gears from a linebacker coach or something other. He and McDermott followed relatively similar paths in the NFL

So overall, yeah, it may not change much at all.

We'll see.

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21 hours ago, Saca312 said:

I'm just praying this is the end of the "ooh we have a 1 point lead prevent D" McDermott and Rivera seemed to love. 


21 hours ago, enikville said:

I hate to say it but, probably not too much of a difference. My hope is that he is a little more aggressive than McDermott.

I expect we will be more aggressive in some areas and less in others.

I expect us to play more man underneath and either cover 2 or cover 1. This is generally considered more aggressive than playing a soft zone and keeping everything underneath which is exactly what a prevent defense does.

On the other hand I expect Wilks to use less blitzing and more of a tradition 4-3 defensive scheme which is less aggressive but also.less risky. McDermott was more of a high risk high reward kind of coach. I also expect Wilks to be less rigid and more flexible than McDermott.

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