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Eye on the prize during the Bannon smokescreen

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more was put into motion today than just Bannon leaving.  Now Admiral Rogers fate is up in the air. You know Rogers, another day 1 Russian investigation guy, who Trump asked to publically clear him but wouldn't, is the current Director of NSA and CYBERCOM


Just how important is Rogers to investigations into Russia’s election meddling?

“It’s critical that Admiral Rogers is unequivocally in charge as the investigations proceed into determining the role that the Russians played in the U.S. presidential elections,” an unnamed former senior intelligence official told the Beast.

Oh yeah, and Trump's Russia investigation lawyer comically said today the special investigation should be over shortly and by Thanksgiving despite all evidence suggesting it is just warming up. 

Trump always hustling the coverup...

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14 minutes ago, Squirrel said:

Of course Russia.  The real issue is what Congress is doing. 


sitting on their hands and mouth watching an unfit nightmare....hoping Mueller will eventually come to save the day so they don't have to be the lead dog destroying their own party themselves? 

But yeah, I'm sure Rogers is just another coincidence....just like Trump's comical all coincidence coverup 

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Is it bad that I have no idea what you guys are talking about ? No offense intended at all, just out of the loop I guess. (No social media or TV)

I don't tell anyone how to live, but ....just from visiting the tinderbox I can tell people have some anger issues. 

Self inflicted BP's going up all over the place because we all have an opinion. 

Wishing everyone the best. I'll stay in my happy place and get out of your way. 


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