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Jeremy Igo

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On October 4, 2017 at 12:25 PM, Cat said:

I've been waking up early and making shakes for the family since last Thursday and they've been a hit.

Hubby and I share this one: 

2 cups of spinach or kale (spinach taste better)

2 cups of coconut water 

1 cup of mixed frozen mixed fruits such as peaches, mangos, pineapples and strawberries

1 banana or 1 peel apple 

This shake is really filling. Definitely keeps me full until noon. 


The Kiddo gets:

2 cups of coconut water

1 cup of frozen mixed fruits such as peaches, mango, pineapples and strawberries

1 banana 

I pour it in a Pokemon glass with a colorful bendy straw and he loves it and ask me to make sure I make him one the next morning. 

Never been a big smoothie guy but I've been making these and enjoy them so thank you. 

Once you get over the initial jolt of drinking something that tastes like liquid spinach at first sip, it has a nice flavor. 

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