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Lets get it on record: Guns or Human Lives?

Lets get it on record: Guns or Human Lives?  

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  1. 1. Im willing to significantly restrict access to firearms because Im tired of the mass shootings

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Do people think this is some batman movie?


criminals waiting for everyone to give up guns so they can laugh and go on major crime sprees!!!!!




ammesty turn in programs recover illegal guns from the street.  It's not like it hasn't been done. 

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Not just no, but HELL no.   I won't give up any rights that we have, including guns.   I'm very pro 2A, but not a gun nut and don't mind actual, real "common sense" regulation on them.   But give them up?   Nope.  No one can explain to me how that would even achieve anything towards improved safety anyways.  

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This isn't Australia or the U.K. 

Guns are as much a part of American culture as anything. Citizens aren't going to just give them up. Amnesty won't work for the majority of Americans. 

There are more registered fire arms in this country than people and millions more illegal weapons. Instituting a buy back program won't work. Over 300 million weapons. Australia spent 500 million to buy back roughly 600 thousand weapons. Using those statistics, because you're going to have to offer incentive, especially in a country like this, the numbers are mind blowing.  

Going door to door? Now you're looking at a more deadly situation than any mass murder could ever accomplish. 

The majority of gun related deaths are from handguns. There are 30,000 deaths resulting from firearms in America per year. 66% are from suicide and negligence. 

Of the 10,000 deaths related to firearms per year in the US, less than 6% are from rifles (including semi-automatics). So this idea that "banning assault rifles but handguns are okay" is absurd. 

80% of gun related crime (murder, robbery, assault, etc.) is used by illegally obtained weapons. 

While reform should be considered, people need to do a little more research. Like the guy earlier in the thread stating that "nobody should own AR-15s but handguns are okay".

In America, banning guns will be a lot like making drugs illegal. Criminals will still buy/sell/and use them to commit crimes. 

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We ban certain classes of weapons.  Fully auto is banned and it worked fine. 



There is is no proposal to outright ban guns.  Arguing against it seems wasteful and purposely counter productive. 


The talk around  ar-15 and similar is due to the nature of the crime.  They are becoming the weapon of choice if your looking for high mass numbers.  Handgun is used much more often but mainly in single drug or domestic based crime. 


The weapon ban of 1994 expired in 2004.  Since then we have seen these style weapons increasingly be used in mass shooting events from Sandy Hook, to Aurora, to Orlando, to San Bernardino, to now... We are 13 years from that ban expiring -maybe we need to think there is a lag effect at play and as these guns have become more widespread they seem to be gaining popularity to be used in mass events and are devastating.


From a 2016 Fortune article:



Relatively inexpensive, readily available, highly customizable, and easily modified (whether legally or into a fully automatic weapon), the reasons for the AR-15’s popularity are apparent.

Reuters cites conflicting statistics on how much blame assault rifles actually deserve for gun violence. On one hand, “so-called assault rifles account for a small fraction of the United States’ 30,000 annual gun deaths” but “they have been used in at least 10 mass shootings since 2011.


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I was thinking about agreeing with the possibility of banning such guns as the AR 15, thinking what's the point for average citizens to have those types of high powered rifles. But a very wise person brought me back to reality and pointed out the fact that when a riot is going on, say because an emp bomb went off or a massive hurricane wiped out your city, etc. Then you're going to want that AR 15 by your side in case 20 lunatics break into your house while your trying to survive with your wife and kids. Those high powered rifles serve a purpose and we cant let a couple loonies mess it up for the average American. 

But if we're so concerned about guns and the deaths they bring, then maybe we need to ban teenage driving and all alcoholic beverages, along with cigarettes, sky diving, boxing, or anything else that can cause harm to human kind. Ban everything!

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