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NcFans Way to early, Jan 2nd update

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1. Trade!   Cleveland with Arizona

Arizona trades up swapping 1sts Browns get 2018 3rd and giving up 2019 1st and 2nd.   Arizona needs a QB really bad and with a new staff coming in, they want their guy.

Arizona: Josh Rosen


2. Giants: Sam Darnold- as much as Gettleman wants to grab OL.  Pressure to get the QB off the bat is to much.


3.  Colts: Saquon Barkley- could go a Lot of ways here.  So they just take the top prospect in this draft. Manning had Edgerrin James, Luck (If he comes back) needs that RB.  Barkley can run the Rock and a Real good receiver out of the backfield.  Something that can really help Luck.

4. Browns (via Houston): Minkah Fitzpatrick- top player on the boad and in a big position of need.  Compares to Jalen Ramsey athletically, skill wise, and ability to play FS and CB which the browns need help at.

5.  Denver: Quenton Nelson- I project Sam Bradford to Denver.  Nelson who some say is most NFL ready player in this draft and a future all-Pro.  A little high for a OG, but some say he has the potential to be better than former ND OG Zac Martin.  And most teams would give up a top 5 pick for him

6. Jets: Baker Mayfield- shorter but built with a sturdy 220.  Very accurate short and mid range passer. Reminds me a tad of Brees coming out of college. Fire  personality, good fit for NY. 

7. Tampa: Bradley Chubb- really in need of a Pass rusher and they get the top one in the draft

8. Bears: Calvin Ridley- Mitch Trubisky needs that goto guy so have to grab the top WR in this draft

9. San Fran: Derwin James- Freak Hard Hitting SS with great coverage skills.  Neal was a Huge pickup for the Falcons in Shanahan’s last year in ATL.  Reids contract is up so will fill a big hole

10. Oakland: Arden Key- freak pass rusher.  Could put him at DE and slide Mack to OLB where he started out and was also a all-pro.  Key is a freak and going into this season was said to be a lock for top 5 and many had top overall prospect in this draft.  A few off the field issues drop him down.

11. Miami: Christian Wilkins- they need to pair a good pass rushing DT in the middle with Suh

12. Cincinnati: Mike McGlinchey-  The loss of Andrew Whiteworth hit them hard this season 

13. Washington: Trade! Buffalo trades Tyrod Taylor and a 2nd.  Bills select Josh Allen

14. Greenbay: Taven Bryan- kid your going to see rise leading to the draft.  Bryant can play that 3-4 DE.

15. Browns (via Arizona): Roquon Smith- need a QB in the middle for this young defense.  Smith is that.  One of the best MLB prospects to come out in a few seasons.    

16. Baltimore: Darius Guice- Ravens havnt had a good between the tackles Rusher since Ray Rice.  Guice comes is and takes some pressure off of Flacco

17. Chargers: Ronnie Harrison- would be easy to pick Vea here with the struggles in run defense.  This defense just can pass over a enforcer in the secondary like Harrison.

18. Seattle: Orlando Brown- big mammoth OT that Seattle just cant pass over

19. Dallas: Courtland Sutton- very very possible Dallas parts ways with Dez this offseason.  Sutton gives Dak a young goto.  If they retain Dez, Dallas fans will be excited with the Sutton/Dez duo.

20. Detroit: Clelin Ferrell- Ansah is a FA this year.  If they resign him. A Ferrell/Ansah duo would be crazy

21. Buffalo: Da'ron Payne- pairing him with Star up front shores the trenches.

22. Washington: Lamar Jackson- expect to not see him for a few years as he sits under Taylor. 

23. Rams: Josh Jackson- best CB in this draft.  A Josh Norman clone.  Rams are going to part ways with Johnson, leaving a big hole.

24. Carolina:  Christian Kirk-  speedy athletic WR, with the build/strength to play outside.  Great route runner, great hands and concentration.  Fills giant need.




FA predictions as well.

Kirk Cousins- Browns need a QB.  They drafted one in the 2nd last year who had all the tools but isnt close to being ready.  They arent going to grab another rookie to start this year.  Instead use  some of that mega cap space to give Cousins that mega deal.

Alex Smith- predict the Jets to trade away a later pick like a 4th. Chiefs are ready to move on.  Smith has only 1 year left on his contract which makes the Jets a perfect landing spot to start for a year while they are getting Mayfield ready.


Jimmy Graham- colts have the cap and want to add weapons for Luck.  Graham and Barkley are a good start.

Poe- colts need a anchor on defense and Poe is that.  

Jarvis Landry- Dolphins are parting ways, Ravens who are desperate for a WR snag him


Dez Bryant- cowboys rumored could part ways with Dez as they want him to take a pay cut and he wont.  Bears need weapons and dangle a 2019 3rd to take him off their hands combining him with Calvin Ridley for a team desperate to put weapons around the young QB  cowboys draft Sutton to replace him and use cap space to resign Lawerence who was a big defensive star this yeat.

Sam Bradford- predict Cousins to Cleveland.  Broncos won a superbowl with a game manager.  Bradford is a better version than that.  Him behind a improving OL is a big step forward for the offense.

Trumaine Johnson- 49ers

Malcolm Butler- Tampa

Star- Buffalo, the bills after trading Dareus became one of the worst defenses against the Run. Star comes in and fills that void at NT.

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1 hour ago, Pantha-kun said:

So you're predicting a Saints vs Steelers Super Bowl with the Steelers winning. huh..

If the season ended this week this is how I think its going to go.  Still a lot of football left though

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Updated at the end of the regular season.

Just mocking the top 20 non playoff teams

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1 hour ago, stirs said:

Cousins a FA?

Im expecting a sign and trade scenario.  Skins going to try to get something for him such as moving up to #1 for a QB

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18 minutes ago, Yaboychris28 said:

Wait Lamar Jackson at 11? Notsureifsrs

I think he can go as high as #11 

Im going to update it again after round 1 of the playoffs.

Adam Gate spoke to the local media this week that Tannehill will be the QB next year, so I dont expect them to go QB anymor e

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I think Kirk will end up going to the Ravens or Chargers  . We're too low at 24 to get him. 

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23 minutes ago, Hoenheim said:

I think Kirk will end up going to the Ravens or Chargers  . We're too low at 24 to get him. 

Chargers wont go WR, they have way bigger needs elsewhere.  They have terrible safety play since Weddle left.

They were among the worst in run defense last year.

Have a aging QB

A terrible OL


Ravens could but they will try hard to get one in FA.  If they get a Landry in FA, doubt they grab a 1 in the draft in the 1st.

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I think Buffalo ends up picking Denzel Ward to pair up with White.

Ward is Lattimore 2.0 so damn smooth, athletic and has great ball skills.

If Ward is there at 24 I want him. 

Assuming Ridley is gone

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