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Needs for next season

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1. DE - a good pass rush makd's the job of the secondary easier. That's clearly the approach of Rivera and company. CJ is shot, Peppers will retire if we win the SB if not hopefully he'll come back for anogher year, Addison is very solid but even he is 30. We badly need young talent here.

2. WR - Funchess has finally developed into a solid starter. Hopefully Samuel can evolve into the slot WR we drafted him to be. Byrd is a good 4th WR. We need another legit outside starter.

3. S - our safeties are aging, slow, and mediocre. 

4. OT - Kalil sucks, but he's going to be here next year anyway. Williams is emerging as a very good possibly even future elite RT. Wouldn't surprise me to see Moton slide inside to replace Norwell.

6. C - Kalil is aging and injury prone at this point and Larsen is a quality back up but a marginal starter. The OL looks so much better with Kalil out there but he's in the twilight of his career.

7. TE - Olsen is aging and Dickson isn't the answer (and he's 30 himself).


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CJ- Love the guy but its time to part ways, he should be about ready to retire as well

Ryan Kalil- Same as above

Kurt Coleman- same as the other 2.  Just not the same after some injuries last year.

Russell Shepard- very disapointing this year.  Feels very Armanti Edwardsish, great training camp MVP then never heard of again until you see him show up with a few wide open drops.

Mike Adams- old and lost a step, this makes both starting Safeties cut (hint hint see where my biggest need in the draft is going)


We are now sitting at 38.5 mil in cap space (note: cap generally goes up every year so this isnt factored in as well)

* Jonathon Stewart is also a potential cut here as well which would open right at about 4 more mil.   Now im not aboard the cut Stew train around here.  Only reason Id want to is to get Cap some pt.  Stew has seemed to drop off a bit this year and everyone is comparing it to the Tolbert drop off.  I dont, he still has shown the ability.  His issue is more of the OL, injuries to Turner and Ryan Kalil have hit the interior OL hard.  Lets remember the other RBs arent lighting it on fire running between the tackles this year either.  Opening up 4 mil is Huge if we were to cut him, but we can still save some cap by extending his contract out 1 more year for minimum and spread the remaining of this contract out between the 2 years.






Peppers- if he wants to continue playing (which with the way hes playing and us having a shot, i see it) he's going to sign for another min contract.  Another 1-2 year 3.5 mil could be coming

Norwell-  4 years 8.5 mil.  Now everyone thinks hes going to break the bank.  Turner signed for 4 year 11.25 mil.  While Norwell has graded out good this year.  Turner resigned that deal coming off back-to-back probowls including 2015 year that was so good he was the first OL to be featured on SI's cover since Nate Newton and the only interior OL graded out higher was Zach Martin.  Norwell should easily resign for 4 years 8.5 with the home team.   Thats alot invested in 2 OGs but in our offense that revolves so much around the run game, its a good investment.

Star- now I just have a feeling Hurney will not wont to resign Star with KK's mega deal and 1st rounder Butler after he got burned with the 2 RB mega deals.  But im going to say do it.  4 years 10 mil.  Star isnt the superstar all-pro DT like KK, Donald, and Cox.  Ravens just signed Brandon Williams this year to the 2nd high paid NT in the league. At 5 years 10.8 mil a year.  Star will be paid just below that maybe even at 9-9.5, Poe only got 8 from the Falcons this year.

Damiere Byrd- something small in a 2 year deal.  Kid is just starting to come on before the injury



FA signings:

Donte Moncrief- plenty of athletic ability and a guy we like in the draft before Colts drafted ahead of us.  He hasnt put up the big #s partially due to Luck injury and QB round robin the last couple seasons.  Big Talented WR class should make him sign for a little cheaper with the big boys ahead of him

Kareem Martin/Aaron Lynch- one of these 2. Lynch has tons of ability and a good 4-3 DE fit.  He played out of position at 3-4 OLB up until this year when they moved to 4-3 D, but this year he dealt with injuries and weight issues.  Was almost cut then came out with a 4 sack game recently.  Martin is one im really starting to want (not because im a UNC fan).  Last year I want Okafor bad, he was a 4-3 DE being forced to play 3-4 OLB in Arizona.  Saints signed him and he was having a big year until getting injured.  Kareem Martin is the same way.  Better athlete than Okafor and being forced to play 3-4 OLB which is a Terrible fit for him.  He has shown flashes with his athletic ability.  Kid would be Great in the rotation and possible starter across from Addison who is Quietly becoming a star.  


*if we have enough space Prince Amukamara- still dont have faith in our CBs who look Bad when the front 7 isnt getting the pressure






1st: Ronnie Harrison- big athletic SS, who can hit and good tackler which has been a HUGE weakpoint in the safeties this year.  Solid in coverage and great in zone defense.  Perfect shoe fit and weapon in our Zone Blitz happy defense




2nd: Armani Watts- double up on Safety.  Another really good hitter.  Reminds me of 2015 Kurt Coleman in coverage but better athlete and a tackling machine.



3rd (a.)  Frank Ragnow- 6'5 317, big athletic Center.  3 year starter (started at OG as a Sophomore)  was having a good Senior season until missing the final 5 games with a ankle injury (started every game prior to that in 3 seasons) as a sophomore and Junior he gave up...........ZERO sacks playing in a conference that includes Alabama, LSU, OLE MiSS, Auburn, Ta&m, that some good DL he's faced.  Ragnow comes right in and fills Kalils shoes.


3rd (b) Dante Pettis- solid WR, reminds me of Jarvis Landry.  Not the biggest guy at 6'0 195 and runs a 4.5.  Good route runner, solid hands, and good quickness much like Landry as a good return man.  Pettis comes in as competition at WR


5th: Jaylen Samuel- that Tolbert Style FB Shula like.  Can run between the tackles, great reciever for those short screens he used with Tolbert, and a willing blocker

6th-7th: BPA for depth

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We have the 24th pick it appears


Needs in order


1. WR by a Looooooooong shot- we have Funchess which well, has 1 good game followed by a handful of terrible ones.  We habe Curtis Samuel who was a Raw prospect comong out who never fully played the true WR position, never ran a route tree etc. Byrd, a travk guy who has been a solid practice squad guy.  Bersin, well its Bersin.  Oh yeah Shepard, about forgot that ghost who proved why he's never been more than a ST guy on terrible teams in this league. As much Beef as we give the OL and Kalil.  The WRs are doing NOTHING to help them out.  There is Zero threat where the corners need help and prevent teams from stacking the box.  OLs arent supposed to hold up forever too, so when you see Kalil getting Blown up after about 5 seconds, thats as mich on the WRs as the OL for failing to get open.


2. Safteies- they have completely fallen off a cliff.  And they are old.  They get Burned bad on the reg.

3. CBs- same as the safeties minus age.  They are Young but Terrible.  You take away the front 7 pressure this year, they get exposed big time.  If we didnt have a blitz happy D, and decided to rush 4 and hope the DBs hold.  We would be Torched and among the leagues worst defenses.

4. TE- Manhurtz is Terrible, Dickson cant block to save his life and when Shula uses him in the passing game, he drops most everything. 

5. OL- Lets all pray we can resign Norwell.  Kalil, Ryan that is needs to go.  Paying way to much for him.  Hes at the end of his career and become injured prone.  

6. DE- CJ is done, hopefully we can squeez another year from Pep.



RB- I have seen a common theme about wanting to get rid of Stewie and get a Chubb.

We have Waaaay bigger needs than RB.  Stewart as much as many want, hasnt fallen off the way Tolbert did.  The dude has run into stacked boxes more than anyone in the league (again thank you WRs for posing no threat) combined with some injuries up front.  When you have Amini the turn style blocking up front, and your old injured prone Center out and starting Larsen at Center, no RB is going to look good.

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