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Alabama elects Moore. Just kidding

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No surprise...the top link is voting results by county and the bottom image is the "Alabama Black Belt" which have higher percentages of african americans.

Reddit tells me that the overwhelming majority of uneducated white folk voted for moore as did white women.

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13 hours ago, cookinwithgas said:

So glad to be wrong, but really it should not have been this close.

As a Alabama resident, who voted for Jones, it scares me that it was this close.

Roy Moore was kicked out of public office 2x in this state. He has violated state and federal laws while serving in public office. He and now his wife have questionable statements about slavery, Jews, Muslims,  blacks and dating teenagers, and yet he almost won. This should have been a landslide victory and yet we barely won.

Surely Republicans can field a better candidate than that, who will likely win the next election.



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As suggested above, some of the critiques by the Left and center (matched by a fair amount of critiques by leading conservatives, by the way), are hard to argue with. Hypocrisy is again the most salient charge.

As recently as 2011, PRRI found that only 30 percent of white evangelicals believed “an elected official who commits an immoral act in their personal life can still behave ethically and fulfill their duties in their public and professional life.” But by late 2016, when Donald Trump was running for president, that number had risen sharply to 72 percent—the biggest shift of any US religious group.

The reason for the flip is not hard to discern. David Brody, a correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network, has noted the desperation and urgency felt throughout much of conservative Christianity. “The way evangelicals see the world, the culture is not only slipping away—it’s slipping away in all caps, with four exclamation points after that. It’s going to you-know-what in a handbasket.” The logic is then inexorable: “Where does that leave evangelicals? It leaves them with a choice. Do they sacrifice a little bit of that ethical guideline they’ve used in the past in exchange for what they believe is saving the culture?”

Apparently yes. This is precisely why, when serious and substantial allegations of sexual abuse of minors were made against Roy Moore, many doubled down on their support for him. Within days of this news story in The Washington Post, polls indicated that not only would 57 percent of evangelicals continue to support him, another 37 percent said they were now more likely to vote for him.

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