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Jeremy Igo

So how is the Panthers GM search going?

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7 hours ago, panthers55 said:

Makes sense. I just doubt a deal is done that quickly and don't think that  finding a new GM is a high priority. Again you are buying a successful franchise who went to the playoffs not a basement dweller you need to overhaul. I doubt we get anything done before March and by the time the new owners are in place the offseason free agency period will be well underway and the draft pending. I would think any decision about a new GM would revolve around how well everyone thinks Hurney handled things. Again there isn't the urgency here that there is in Oakland or Cleveland. People predicted that as many as 10 or more front office firings could occur but it has been around half that. Not enough proven guys out there right now.

I can see the sale going either way (selling quickly or taking a few months).  However, I expect there will be groups that have been working behind the scenes with both the Panthers and the league to have their bid ready as soon as they are allowed to officially talk to the team (or at least the framework of their bid).  But the more bidders, the longer it will likely take for one to emerge as the new owner.

One of the biggest values of this franchise is definitely that it is not a bottom dweller.  There is already a strong nucleus that should keep the team competitive in the near future.  However, I do believe the fact that Hurney was fired and only brought back on an interim basis will work against him (and then only because the circumstances were extraordinary and he was the most convenient to have take over).  He also had an inconsistent history as GM here (nor is he known as much of a talent evaluator), so I don't see the new owners viewing him as a long-term option.  With that said, he will almost certainly run FA and the draft since even if the sale happens quickly, there won't be enough time to get a new GM hired and ready to take over that soon.  

One other point as to why I don't think Hurney will be a serious option, no matter how FA and the draft go, is that the new owners will want to put their stamp on the team, and that would be almost impossible to do if they keep all of JR's key guys.  Rivera has led us to a winning, if frustrating at times, season, so they likely won't want to move on from him without the new GM's input (and the fact he has one more season on his contract makes keeping him through next year a logical move).  And with Hurney's contract expiring in June, a decision will have to be made sooner rather than later.  So, if the new owners want to make this their team, they will likely have to bring in their own guy at GM.    

And I don't see the new owners adding a year to Hurney's contract to give them time to make a decision because I don't believe they would want both their coach and GM to be lame ducks.  That would be hugely detrimental to the team.


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