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America is a full of poo country

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If we really want America to change, the number one thing to do would be to invest in black people the descendants of slaves.  All of this country's problems stem from greed, and at the heart of that was the system of free/unearned benefits produced off the free labor.  If you invest in the people who were first taken advantage of, yes I'm talking reparations, you will then see a paradigm shift of power, that would give every American a true chance at living a decent life in this country.

We've bailed out the banks, car industry, and other big businesses with our tax money.  Take a look at this article......



Most people think that the big bank bailout was the $700 billion that the treasury department used to save the banks during the financial crash in September of 2008. But this is a long way from the truth because the bailout is still ongoing. The Special Inspector General for TARP summary of the bailout says that the total commitment of government is $16.8 trillion dollars with the $4.6 trillion already paid out. Yes, it was trillions not billions and the banks are now larger and still too big to fail.


Now notice that!  The monetary number of the bailouts that Bush started and continued under Obama, have long since reached into the trillions.  Yet nobody is raising a big stink about that.  Yet for something as just and righteous as reparations, nobody is willing to spend a dollar?  The government is not willing to spend a penny on that?  Come on, this is the root of the problem with America.  Now, guess who made that statement about banks being too big to fail.  It was our first "black" president himself, Barack Obama.  That wasn't some racist white politician, it was a man who was closer to being a wealthy white than he was black.  Anyway, y'all get my point with this.  If you want to change America, invest in a people that are still at the very bottom.  That was purposefully put at the bottom, by a system that is now beginning to put others at the bottom, which includes white folk.

Think about this, have you ever shopped at a black owned grocery store in your life?  Are there any black owned grocery stores (that have at least 50-100 employees) in your area?  There's a reason for that.  There's a reason you don't see many big black owned businesses period.  Without that competition, how can you expect monopolies to do right by their employees and customers?  This is what reparations would bring.  More people would have jobs, with excellent benefits.  You would have government breaking up monopolies like they used to do.  We would enter a crystal age here in America.  Without reparations, people will continue to be cheated.  Black people will stay at the bottom and become extinct as a class of people (either in jail or living in poverty), and ultimately others will begin to feel that pull towards the bottomless pit.  I mean once black people fall through, somebody will have to be the next to become that cheap labor class.

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