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  1. I do as well. We were a drive away in like every game but 3
  2. I wished that many teams were interested in trading for teddy
  3. This and then have conversations with Samuel and his agent.
  4. Still find it funny that Rhule is interviewing his future boss
  5. I wonder if any other teams are bringing him in?
  6. I really hope McClain is not a starter. Also where is JJ going?
  7. Wow our secondary on paper doesn't look good at all. Possibly worst in the league at this pount
  8. The Colts will be without their center as well. Anyone know if this is significant?
  9. sadly youre right. Too hard for receivers to learn the playbook midseason
  10. It should have never got to 4th and 1. We left at least 3 pts on the field
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