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  1. No fascination just the fact Fitterer never mentions him when talking about WRs on the roster.
  2. Has anyone noticed that Shi Smith is never mentioned as far as guys we already have. They only mention TMJ and Laviska. This is twice now
  3. I would love to pick up an early 3rd in this scenario. Sux we wasted that pick on Corral
  4. We need Edge pretty bad. YGM needs to be replaced as a starter
  5. I just hope we don’t draft a linebacker or some we could have had at 9
  6. Hurst was a TE1 on one of the best teams in league. WR 1 I agree with but that probably will not happen this year
  7. I see him being on the Mac Jones level
  8. If Zay Flowers is there I am taking 30 seconds to make that pick
  9. I hope not a safety as they are sitting on the bench behind Woods and Bell. Edge or LB I am all for. Still think WR is in play with Chark only being one year deal.
  10. No trades unless it’s a 3rd or less. Chark is really about the only one left worth adding.
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