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  1. But are we rebuilding? We have traded away picks for a QB and 2 corners. Rebuilding teams don’t trade picks for players. They trade players for picks.
  2. This is pretty much the norm except for a few teams. It’s gotten worse since Cam left.
  3. He won’t be benched because the FO would look bad for not drafting a QB
  4. Yep I had false hope after 3 wins and even losing to a good Dallas team on the road. However allowing a mediocre team at best come back on us and shut our offense down last week gives me little hope this week.
  5. That 2 pt win at home against the lions was an impressive Vikings win.
  6. Wished we’d looked in the off-season.
  7. For sure. We are not picking in round one next year. It will be traded for 2 2nds and maybe a4th or 5th
  8. Or 2002. We were 7-9 cause of offense was historically bad
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