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  1. But how do we know? It’s not like they have practiced under Canales
  2. We were 3-0 in 2021 and Fitterer was making a playoff push and made the big splash trade for CJ Henderson
  3. Jewell is the backup if this guy is drafted
  4. We thought this in 2012 as well but worked out pretty well for us
  5. Only if two high seconds are offered do I give up 33rd. that is potentially 1st round talent
  6. Agreed. Relying on a veteran guard whose been injured the last two years to change positions is not a good plan
  7. I agree with this. We need another WR but we have to see what Mingo is since we spent a 2nd last year. Thielen is still more than good enough to be a 3
  8. For the chance it could turn into a Lance/Purdy or Cousins/RG3 situation
  9. So basically we are still looking for 2 Edge starters
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