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Mr. Scot

Drafting well could be extremely important...

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Building through the draft has been the Panthers mantra for the past decade. Nothing new about that. Drafting well is another story. Funny that people always criticize our drafting when if you look we likely have as many homegrown players as many teams.   This was from 2016.


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Expect to find 2-3 starters in the DRAFT on a GM's best day:

Starters Needed:

  • Left Guard
  • Free Safety
  • Defensive End
  • Defensive Tackle (rotational)
  • Wide Receiver
  • Cornerback (Worley upgrade)
  • Running Back (Between tackles RB)

Rotational Players

  • Tight End (for 2 TE sets and depth)
  • Strong Safety (Mike Adams is 38 or so and what do we have behind him?) This is why I want to move Worley to S--he would give us depth there.  Seymour, Elder can provide the depth at CB.

We have 8 spots to fill with quality players.  We have about $24 m in cap room.

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3 hours ago, pantherclaw said:

While true, this is nothing new. 

Actually, it is.

In the past, even if your draft didn't go well, you always had a decent shot at filling your holes via free agency.  Not so much anymore. Teams becoming increasingly better at retaining their own guys could mean thin free agent pools from here on out.

Basically, we're headed back to the way things were in the 70s, before free agency existed.


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9 minutes ago, pantherclaw said:

Yeah, if ya didn't mind overpaying.

Well anymore, even overpaying won't matter if there won't be quality players to choose from.

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8 hours ago, Jon Snow said:

And now we have "I learned from watching" Hurney to figure this all out.

God help us.

i think he is going to do alright...

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