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Johnny Rockets

Antoine Walker = Broke

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HOW??????? This kinda news kills me. I have been unemployed for over 16 months for one stretch(longest ever btw) and I could NOT get unemployment yet I'm NOT broke.

At least this year.

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i agree with what his mom said, he's not hurting anyone and it's nobody's business what he used his money on. I don't think he's a moron and I don't feel bad for him, he was able to live it up for over a decade, he'll have great memories. also there is a good chance he can get a job as an assistant coach on some college basketball or nba team.

i personally would have saved the money but not all people believe in being conservative with their money, and most importantly it's their money so they can waste it however they want as long as they're not harming anyone else, i have no problems with it

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According to his mother, at one point Walker was financially supporting seventy of his friends and relatives.

Really??? Talk about an entourage! Just a little excessive I might add. He really needs/needed to learn how to tell people NO!

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