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Harrison Barnes

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This is what is wrong with Carolina Fans, and after today I am very ashamed

I was following the announcement on a few of the boards and throughout the whole press conference everybody is ragging on this kid, because sources close to someone high and mighty on the board said he was a Dukie.....Well that spark the flame and the fire ragged on destroying this kid, saying he was arrogent and obnoxious

then the announcement.......

Next thing from the same people and more celebrating like they have found a cure for every cancer, and saying things like the kid speaks well, and is very smart kid with a good head on his shoulders

I now know the frustrations every fan feels towards the Carolina program and fan base....not saying it is everybody, because I am def not that way and I know a lot of grads and fans that are the same as me......Today I am so happy that he picked Carolina, but at the same time sick to my stomach

Now I remember why I hardly go on message board anymore

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I am impressed with this guy, he is very well spoken and seems to have a great leadership quality to him. I am sure he will be a great leader for my Heels!

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