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Harrison Barnes

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I'm not so sure Barnes will be a one and done. That's pure speculation. I haven't read any quotes from him saying anything like that. Having said that, I'm no fool. Barnes (at least from the clips I saw of him), is a big time player, and he would be a high lottery pick coming out of high school. I think it's hard for anybody to turn down that kind of money (but then again Davis already did). As for Davis, I do expect him to go pro after this year, but again he hasn't said anything about that. He is much like Hansbrough, in that he loves college. Does he love it enough to stick around for another year or (gasp) long enough to graduate? I wouldn't bet on it, but I'm not Davis and neither are you. The only sure fire bets on who will be gone after this year are Thompson and Ginyard. Henson just looks too raw, and even though the NBA drafts on raw talent, he may choose to stick around and refine his game so he doesn't warm the bench for a couple of years in the NBA.

Yes you never know who will leave and who will stay. I just have a feeling that Davis will be gone but who knows and it depends on the year he has too. I agree with Henson he will need to put on serious weight before he can go to the NBA. I never thought Ellington and Henderson would leave early but they did so you never know. I can't see Barnes staying for more than a year not with his talent. Who was the last # 1 recruit to stay for 3 years? It had to have been before 2002 so we will see.

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When he announced for Carolina I had visions of K jumping off a roof because he knew he was done. I think a lot of people including myself had Barnes as a Duke lock, so for Roy to come in out of no where in the last few weeks and steal him from is flat out amazing to me. I dont know if K is paying more attention to Team USA instead or Duke or what but its just not working. Im a very hardcore Carolina fan but at the same time Im not delusional or anything like State fans are, I like to think that Im pretty level headed about my team. I know that we are not a Top 5 team this year like some people think we are. But I honestly believe that Coach K will never make it back to a Final Four. I dont think that we are going to lose anybody from this team to early entry so next year is going to be really impressive and we will have a great shot at a title. That should prove that Im level headed. But State fans are totally delusional.

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Going back to when he announced, who watched it?

When he was thanking all the coaches, I remember him saying how close him and K got. When he said that, all I could think is that he would be a dookie. Anyone else think that?

I think next years UNC/dook games will be quite special.

I imagine that he will stick around a couple of years...He is smart, and does not seem to be one to jump at the first payday he could get. If he plays his cards right, he will polish his game AND learn alot from the #9 business school in America. The guy wants to be a successful basketball player first, and a successful businessman second....based on what I have read about him.

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