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So I got promoted today....

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Congrats AK, I was a SSGT when I got out in 1973. That was a long time ago! I had to go see the Wing Commander and explain why I was getting out six weeks after putting on the the "rocker". It was unheard of for someone to make staff under four years back then. There was two of us that did it on the whole damn base and we worked together. We had different AFSCs and he had already reenlisted. I told the Col. that I was tired of being stuck in SAC out in the middle of nowhere. What I had planned was to get out and go to school for a couple of years then go down to Myrtle Beach AFB or Shaw and join up again so I would be captured under TAC. TAC bases were in much better locations. What I didn't plan on was meeting wife #1. She would not even discuss leaving her family to move around the country and world. She was a bad diabetic and I had doubts as to how good she would be treated at base hospitals. That was before the little meters to check blood sugar and hers would jump up and down with out warning.

I always wondered how far up the ladder I could have gone if I had stayed in.

We had a NORAD unit in Montana. I had a couple of drinking buddies (one Canadian) that were in NORAD.

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thanks guys... I have been promoted at the earliest chance at every chance. The chief called me in the office today after they announced it to let me know that there might be some folks who are pissed off.

I went up against 23 folks, there were 3 positions. I got one of them and I am the youngest, and have the least time in service. Its something that I am very proud of because I have always busted my ass and done not what's always easy(popular), but what is right.

6 year TSgt is awesome. I am gonna keep busting my ass and prove to folks that they made the right decision.

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