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Speaking of taking things too far...

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...saw this display in the grocery store the other day. Guess they're really trying to capitalize on the idiot pet owners who really do think their animals are their "kids".


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that's a far cry from the regular pet food that people have been giving their animals since the beginning of domesticating animals.....

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1.) I would feel sorry for women who think their pets are their children, instead I just hate them for posting videos of their dogs barking what sounds like "I love mama," after clearly spending months shrieking it in the pets' faces to encourage them to do so.

2.) Children in third world contries are starving. Here, we prepare gourmet meals for our pets. God Bless America!

2a.) It's amazing that people still can't figure out why the rest of the world hates America. Not saying they're right, but I can see them being envious of a country with so much wealth that fine dining for our domesticated animals was even a fleeting notion.

2b.) It's amazing that the cause of the mortgage crisis still confounds people. We spend our money on stupid shiz. We spend A LOT of money on stupid shiz.

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