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What gives you the worst gas?

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I have formulated brewing toxic farts. My key ingredient: fiber. LOTS of it. I mad a man puke a few days ago. The smell made me gag and it was my own brand!

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Guy I knew in the Navy was on a No Carb diet. Horrible, horrible, just absolutely horrible. Cheese and beans was about 90% of what he ate. Farted in a Helo we were doing a 30 hr on in the rain, so the doors were all closed. Vomit everywhere.

Drink about a case of Miller High Life and eat a peanut butter sandwhich. Children and small animals will die.

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I spent this weekend at Disney, it reminded me of when I went there with a few coworkers when my sub was at Port Canaveral. In line for Space Mountain I let this amazingly vile thing out of me, and the lady behind us all in the line was convinced my friend did it and was stabbing him with her eyes as they began to water, man I was laughing so hard

I let one go this weekend at Disney but it was pretty weak so i must be eating better these days.

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I once covertly cropdusted while walking through a mall with my wife and a friend...

They were alongside me, and we were moving at a pretty good pace...

The hilarious part and the thing that gave me away was this group of loud obnoxious teenagers were behind us a little ways... We had stopped for a moment shortly after I did the deed, and one of the teenagers walked by us with a look of disgust towards his friends and simply said...

"Someone's gonna die!"...

I was so proud... although, I don't remember what I had eaten... It was probably a Sbarros pepperoni roll or something else greasy and meaty like that...

As far as what makes mine the worst? Anything greasy or meaty... Beef Jerky... Fast Food... Pizza... etc...

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