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let's relive the highlights of cutler to chicago thread & how bad of an actor Fiz is

how should i kill myself  

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  1. 1. how should i kill myself

    • pills
    • gunshot
    • hanging
    • drowning
    • self immolation
    • seppuku
    • driving a car off a cliff with a hedgehog in my lap
    • poison
    • flog myself
    • read an akpantherfan thread

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hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Suck on THAT beetches!!!!!! :lol:


Who wants overpriced first round picks??

Kyle Orton = Jay Cutler

This pickup, no matter what all of the haters say, does make the Bears an automatic contender. You can't stack the box with 8 waiting on Forte anymore, because YES a QB does make a WR better when he's throwing it where the ball needs to be, and the Bears do have options to throw to. I expect Hester to continue to grow in his role at WR, as he was doing at the end of the year, and Cutler has one of the best TE tandems in the league to throw to (a QBs security blanket) as well as a young WR that he already built a rapport with in college (Earl Bennett). With the Bears fortifying the O Line, as well, the Bears offense will be much more potent than those of yesteryears. Cutler threw for some 4500 yards last year and the Bears most passing yards we've ever had was 3800ish by Erik Kramer in the 90's. So, yes, this is a great pickup.

Cutler, Forte, Olsen, and Hester all young guys coming around at the same time could make for a grouping that goes down in Bears history

they're going down in history alright

also what are the bears going to do about their defense now?

everyone is either old, injured, terrible, or named lance briggs.


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sorry Dimbee...but he umm owned you. now can you turn around and quote some stuff on fiz and make this a real match?

considering our season I would assume there is ammo available, just not sure how close to the vest fiz played it this summer.


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I'm not sure either, but I'm pretty sure he didn't argue Orlando Pace was a quality LT.


He is older. He was released due to salary cap issues. He's still a top 10 LT. If he isn't, then name me 10 that are better

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Could have sworn I had more posts in that thread. Guess it must have been a different Cutler thread (Lord knows there were a few).

From Monsta...

Lovie Smith's Week 10 Press Conference:

"Jay is our starting QB..."

Almost prophetic :sosp:

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ryne robinson was on a meteoric rise to stardom that was derailed by his acl injury

actually all those threads were tongue in cheek but i can't really say that now without losing face so ahead with the shtick i go

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