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Playoff Predictions.

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I think we are in for a wild ride boys. I really do see both of the away teams winning this weekend. Setting up the ultimate of Divisonal Round games, PHI @ NYG and ALT @ CAR. Talk about Divisional round, 2 games between Division Rivals, can't get any better then that. Bring em on, I am ready to take out some revenge on the butt whoopin they handed us, and give em one like we did earlier this year. I can't wait for Saturday night....

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Both conferences are shaping up for some good matchups. There are some tough teams peaking at the right time all over the place. Overall this has been a great year for some new guys to get in the mix but the team that scares me above all that are currently seeded is the Colts. Manning is throwing darts and that team has done some pretty amazing stuff "under the radar" this season.

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This is how i predict both conference

Wild Card Weekend

Weekend of 1/3-4/2008

Phili @ Minn- Winner Phili 27-17

Indy @ SD- Winner Indy 34-21

Balt @ Miami- Winner Balt 21-10

Divisional Playoffs

Weekend of 1/10-11/2008

Phili @ NY- Winner NY 34-31

Balt @ Tenn- Winner Balt 21-17

Atl @ Car - Winner Car 42-31

Indy @ Pitt- Winner Indy 28-13

Conference Championships


Balt @ Indy - Winner Indy 31-21

Car @ NY - Winner Car 28-17


Indy vs. Car- Winner Car 27-21

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