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the best nicknames

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i'm going for




the eununciation is pretty catchy, no? these should stick.

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    • It's because you, unlike the op and the posters above are sane.
    • Fornette is much more talented than Davis.  Adrian Peterson is more like it even if AD is shifter and Fornette is bigger more powerful.    Now, just wondering if Fornette will be hurt like AD has been much of the time.
    • who gives a poo about character development? i was 3-5 years old. i only care for the nostalgia. it's going to be hard to inject that into a show that was so obviously geared towards children. it would be like sesame street spending a whole season having elmo ponder his existence in the universe and his own sexuality.    plus most of the main cast got replaced by the third season. i should know. i have a green ranger and white ranger beeper. i was not watching it by the time they switched him to the red ranger. but i was such a big fuging fan of the green ranger. i wanted long hair like he had at that time. yeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh