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I kind of feel like that that to, only because we don't have any premier DTs, but it's a numbers game. I just don't think we will take 3 DTs in this draft.

I can see us taking 1 premier DT if the value is there. But considering the need at WR it will have to be a right situation. I think we'll fill DE through FA.

I can't say this enough, I would love to trade down and get two 3rd round picks. Hell even trading down to the top of the 3rd would be great but I would want 3 3rd rounders as a result. I bet JR wouldn't be so cold to that idea if he's really looking to tighten his belt this season.

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The Panthers have been seen talking to 2 LB's at length at the combine.. while this does not mean much about the individual players, it does say a lot about the panthers intentions come draft time regarding the LB position.

The two LBs seen talking with Panthers exec's were Dakota Watson (FSU) and Perry Riley (LSU), whom are projected to go in the 3rd and 4th rounds respectively. Both are scouted as being very fast and unable to play man-to-man effectively, thus projecting them to be cover-2 LBs.

2nd Round Pick - WR - Damian Williams USC

It's almost a forgone conclusion at this point, that the Panthers address the WR position with this pick. Unless they pickup a notable WR in FA as a stop-gap of course.

Call me crazy, but I think the Panthers will try yet again on a USC WR.. this is borderline insanity by the Panthers FO..

3rd Round Pick - OLB - Dakota Watson FSU

The Panthers are looking for depth, whether it be for a replacement for Diggs, or insurance for Davis.. the Panthers are looking to spend either their 3rd-4th round pick on a LB, and that's a fact.

4th Round Pick - DE - George Selvie South Florida

This guy was projected as a 1st round pick before the 09' season.. he had a very inconsistent senior season, but could be a low risk/high reward pick here.

6th Round Pick - DE - EJ Wilson North Carolina

Frankly, we need the depth at DE with the loss of Peppers.. and we will bring in much competition to get an effective rotation. BPA.

7th Round Pick - QB - John Skelton Fordham/Sean Canfield

The Panthers will definately look to take a QB in this draft.. the question is where? I believe they will take a late round flier here, and not waste a higher pick on a position that takes time to develop. Both QBs have a lot of upside and would be a good value here.

I like it all but the first pick. Give me Gilyard instead and this is an awesome draft.

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