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Cold Cat

International Bowl in Canada

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So I went to the international bowl in canada yesterday. It was UCONN vs. Buffalo. It was actually a pretty decent game. UCONN maybe attempted 5 passes all game and ran for almost 400 yrds. UB was stale on offense but there special teams were awesome. They forced 5 fumbles on punts and kickoffs. Those turnovers are what kept them in the game.

The reason i'm posting this is because I had UCONN fans in front of me and UB fans behind me. We all talked about the playoffs during the game. One of the UCONN fans said yeah I heard that maybe the titans and panthers would play each other in the SB. He said they are good teams to bad they have no fans. I stood up and said they have no fans huh? I show'd him my panthers hat and asked him which nfl team he liked. He said the Giants. But he couldn't even tell me who shot himself this season and he actually said that "manning is our qb you know pey.. i mean eli." I asked him if he'd ever left the North east for anything he said no. I told him about this site and about how spread out our fanbase actually is. Once I was done ripping him a new one he said he'd check out the panthers.

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hahaha that's funny!

Last Blue Jays game I saw a guy rocking a black Peppers jersey!!

Not to mention my whole family (die hard Panthers fans) were sitting like 10 rows in front of him...we're all over...quietly :-)

I wish I could take to Go Train to the SkyDome! Man, I love Toronto!

ps - don't ever call it the Rogers Centre...not cool ;-)

Wish UB could have pulled it off...oh well...

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My alma mater made it to a bowl game! :hurray: Then lost it! :cryin:

We didn't even have any teams when I graduated. :(

So what did the UB fans say?

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