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Panther Fan In Houston,Texas A Friend of the Panthers

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GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am new here and I live in Houston,Texas. The Panthers and the Texans are my two favorite teams. I met the Panthers when they were down here for the 2004 Super Bowl. Mark Richardson made me an offical Panther fan and I had a great time with the whole team. I also met people who worked in the organization. They were a riot. All we did was laugh. I was given a tee-shirt signed by the team and the whole team signed my football. I am hoping for a Panthers victory on Saturday. If they win my only regret will be that the Super Bowl is not in Houston where I would be able to see the team and Mark again.

I have to say how wonderful everyone was to me because I have Cerebral Palsy but my life is sports and I want to be a sports attorney. What a great bunch of people I also met from Carolina. The fans were the best and I made friends with a lot of players on the team. I am now probably the biggest Panther's fan in Texas.

Prediction:35 Panthers to 27 Cards. :D:D:D

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