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2010 Carolina Draft Players

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Posted 25 April 2010 - 07:24 PM

Updated with some Articles on Norwood and Gettis.

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Posted 26 April 2010 - 03:54 AM

I like the Gettis pick, the guy has potential and once again he is another player we drafted that can return kicks. I love the Dwayne Jarrett upgrade LaFell, must say I didnt know much about him until after the draft but kid looks like a fast Moose and fits our system perfect because he can block. Tells us a lot about how Jarrett is coming along since LaFell is basically the same type of player. Hardy was a steal, Norwood looks like another Thomas Davis and people just don't realize that Clausen has potential to be a franchise quarterback sure we might could of had a better player with the pick, but its the simple fact he could be a franchise quarter back and we are only risking a 2nd round pick. I think thats a great gamble we took. Pike is our insurance for Clausen being a bust, kid has no arm but is acurate. I just would like to know more about all the Corner backs we drafted. Could someone fill me in about them?

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Posted 26 April 2010 - 09:35 AM

repped...nice thread

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Posted 26 April 2010 - 01:17 PM

Draft thoughts

My Take on the Panthers draft.

Clausen - 2nd best qb in the draft and the Most NFL ready QB in the draft. Easily could be a top 5 QB in 2-3 years. Strong arm, very accurate passer on short - medium throws. Good Accuracy on long throws. Clausen can make all the throws an NFL qb needs to make. Wind up on long passes is a bit strange and puts a lot of torque on his body.

LaFell - Has Good size at 6-3, 215 with decent speed at a 4.5. Tough physical player who uses his body well to shield DB's. Great blocker in the run game. Should develop into a #1 WR in the NFL in a few Years.

Edwards - Project pick that both Fox and Hurney wanted to get, Amazing athlete with great 4.2 - 4.4 speed. Should get time on ST and in Wildcat formations in year 1.

Norwood - Great edge rusher with experience playing both DE and OLB. Decent - good coverage skills and should be excellent in blitzing the QB either from the DE or OLB spot. Has a chance to compete in camp for the SLB starting spot.

Hardy - Great size and pass rush ability...6-5 280 with good speed. Some questions about effort and motor...should only see time on 3rd down passing situations in rookie year.

Gettis - Another Project pick at WR for the Panthers. Great size and Speed at 6-3 217 4.39/4.4 speed. Great athlete and has a chance to develop into a #1 WR in the NFL, should be at least a great Slot option. Major issue is he tries to catch the ball with his body too much, but he did show major improvement throughout the last college season.

The trio of Cb's taken in late in the draft fill a need if Marshall doesn't come back to Carolina. They battle each other in camp and the best 1 wins the dime spot this season and a shot at starter next year. I think they plan on keeping the Captin at the Nickel spot.

I think you are a little off about Gettis. I've seen him play a lot the last two seasons at Baylor and I don't know if you read somewhere that he catches with his body but thats the reason we liked him so much down here in Texas and really wanted the Texans to get him is because he catches with his hands....damn good size and speed. I predict Gettis will get a lot of touches this year because other than steve smith he is better than any other panther WR. Lafell will help a lot in the passing game and you can tell a certain WR from USC to pack his bags because both of these guys are better than him. I really like Gettis and you will too. You probably don't remember but I'm the same guy that told y'all last year that Panther fans would like Mike Goodson. Its going to be hard for teams to double steve smith now with those two youngsters you guys drafted....just wish we could have drafted Gettis. Again..Gettis has good hands and doesn't have to catch with his body...watch him!

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Posted 26 April 2010 - 03:20 PM

Had to post this. My kid is 7 weeks old, and he watched the whole draft with me this weekend. I won't let him get sucked onto the Titans bandwagon around here. I promise.

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Posted 26 April 2010 - 03:44 PM

We got a QB that was expected to make ~ 20m guaranteed in the second round. Just comparing the first 50 picks on paper, it seems like we got a top 15 player for a mid second rounder. Not sure who else in the league got that.

LaFell has the posession receivers body, and I do like it that his presence immediately threatens to expose Jarrett once and for all.

Ever since his amazing App State performance when knocked 5th ranked Michigan State out of the ranks IN THEIR OWN HOUSE, Armanti Edwards has been a Carolinian hero. That game was no fluke or miracle either, the Mountaineers led Michigan for most of the game. I do believe that Edwards' local fame will bring in some new ticket sales.

But I'm just not seeing Fox use him in either Wild Cat or other trick plays. Maybe its just been too long since the team has had that kind of fun on the field. Fans want to see it though. Edwards is another tweener with a heart of gold, and it will take some fresh new plays in the book to keep him from being irrelevant. Here's to hoping that Davidson has some untapped or previously unseen inspiration for strategy.

The outside LB from South Carolina is solid, but couldn't we have taken a defensive tackle with that pick? I'll defaul to the coaches know best, since they knew what was on the board.

The Pike pick deserves more accolades. He is a huge value in the 6th round. Once teams got past the top 4 picks, Pike was probably at the top of the next tier of QB. And The Golden Calf of Bristol, taken in the first round, has never been as accurate as Pike, for the record.

We took multiple picks for QB,WR, and DB. But I'm only feeling confident that we've shored up the QB. WR and DB are still question marks in my opinion. WR especially, unless you figure that we've going to keep on with the 2 TE packages. We have the depth, but we need more ways to threaten people with it. More TE pass plays, Davidson.

And, I'm still worried about the DT position, but I suppose all the old exhaustive way is out: clogging up the center, forcing an outside run or a salvage pass with the new defensive coordinator making his impression felt.

The Panthers seem to be moving to a lighter and speedier defense, which I assume will be designed to get pressure more quickly and force bad throws and turnovers. That's the way Indi took their tweeners to the big dance. And if defensive speed is the angle, then it also means though that Fox is abandoning the flustering time-control game that got us to the Superbowl.

I'm not sure Fox knows what to do with a defense that doesn't have Julius Peppers in it. Maybe that's part of a bigger point.

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