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Preliminary Ratings for Madden Rookies: Clausen

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Jimmy Clausen - Quarter Back

Agility: 65

Awareness: 62

Deep Throw Accuracy: 79

Medium Throw Accuracy: 78

Play Action: 69

Throw On The Run Accuracy: 79

Short Throw Accuracy: 91

Speed: 57

Throw Power: 90

Overall: 76

Comparable To:

Sam Bradford Overall: 80

Comparing the two, Madden thinks that Bradford is far superior on medium route accuracy, but Clausen is better on deep balls and has more throw power.

The Golden Calf of Bristol Overall: 70

Madden thinks that The Golden Calf of Bristol is not as good as Clausen. Clausen has higher throw power, and better accuracy on all throws. What keeps The Golden Calf of Bristol's rating high though is his speed rating.

Colt McCoy Overall: 72

McCoy has superior speed, agility, short route accuracy and accuracy on the run. Clausen is better in all the rest of the throwing categories. Something sort of funny is that McCoy has a 79 for throw power, which I imagine is the lowest among quarterbacks.

Matt Moore Overall From Madden '10: 76

Fans are allowed to vote and give input on rookie ratings and judging by the community, the average community rating for Clausen is a 79. According to their preliminary rankings, along with Matt Moore's from last year, Madden has Clausen and Moore tied overall.

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higher ratings for all qb's than what i thought...i figured bradford would be a 77 or 78, and The Golden Calf of Bristol would be the lowest of the well known qb's with like a 67 or 68. I wonder what LaFell's rating is.

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any chance some1 could post full ratings of lefell and edwards? i can't find a proxy that lets me see the madden site.

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Armanti Edwards is currently listed as a QB with 88 Spd & 87 Agi

Brandon LaFell has 86 Spd & 85 Agi

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