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today on sportscenter

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Yeah that play is definitely one of those, "where were you when..." moments as a Panthers fan. I remember it pretty well. I had to work and I was working on an assembly line for Ford. I had a small color TV set up at my workstation for the game. It's hard to work and do the job at the same time so I'd miss some plays here and there, but during the overtimes I had our upgrader (who is kind of like a utility worker who knows all the jobs in our section) cover my job while I watched the overtime. When Smitty caught that ball, I was yelling so loud that the supervisor thought someone had gotten mangled in the line or something.

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I lost my voice for 3 days. Had to take 3 days off of work because I worked at a call center. Well worth it.

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I was in Lancaster, PA visiting my grandfather who had a double by-pass. (he didn't watch the game... and it was before the game anyway... LOL but, I digress)

yet, I watched the game on my grandmothers lil tv in her room, because she refused to put the game on the big TV... and my uncle is a RAMS fan... so you can imagine with him over how awesome that felt! :D

I will never ever forget that! fly'n my Panthers flag while Drive'n back to NY thru PA was interesting 2 days later. ;)

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