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Your athletic achievements

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What were your best achievements in sports? Don't be shy. Little league counts.

Football: Scored my team's first touchdown...five games into the season. I can say it was tackle football, at least. We were the Vikings, and our only claim to fame was we were the first team to paint our helmets.

Baseball: Game winning hit over first baseman's head. About the same age as above. We were the Reds.

Basketball: Once hit six of seven three pointers to help my also ran team upset the second best team in the League at the Tower Club in downtown Charlotte, circa 2002.

Golf: Hole in one...on the fly. Par three course, so it doesn't really count, but it was still awesome, circa 1987.

Oh, and once ran a sub-six minute mile and ran three miles in 21 minutes. Couldn't run one mile in that time right now.

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Baseball- more so a utility guy who did make the all stars his last year of little league. Youngest coach to ever win a City Champ in Rock Hill. Hit for the cycle.

Had a winning streak of 18 games at one point.

Basketball- scored over 30 in a Triple OT super competitive church league game that included D1 players(this was pre kids for me). Marlon Thomas who played for UNCC scored like 54 of his team's 94 points. They beat us 94-92. Still greatest game I have ever played in.

Soccer- This game just came natural to me. First ever game I get there just before half. Coach asked if I'm supposed to be on his team and I go I guess so. Score two goals in the 2nd half if my first ever real game. For the next 4 years I was at the top of scoring. Several hat tricks.

Best game u could say was scoring 4 goals or scoring the decisive goal in a City All Star game. That goal I took it from line to line ala Maradona and beat 4 defenders. This was an All Star game keep that in mind.

But best soccer game was a game where I didn't score. Had two assists and I must have had 5 slide tackles at or in the box of a U17 Champ game. I even had a save where the goalie was out of position and I ran and dove and chest trapped a shot, settled it and cleared it out. I was in the zone of my life. One of the ref's who played college bumped into me that summer at local food joint and said that was the best game he ever ref'd and I had one of the best overall games he ever saw.

Then I discovered pot. Quit playing high school soccer because amazingly the soccer players didn't party enough for me. What a jackass.

There went college and who knows after that. *goes to sob in corner of his home office*

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Captain on the North Carolina all star hockey team twice (age 10 & 12). We played Canada once, it was not pretty.

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3 years highschool FB. 10th grade year had a game with like 2 sacks 3 tfl.

only thing I really do now is Scenario Paintball.

Over past 3 years I have gotten 2 MVP's and SportsmanShip award.

Might not sound like much but these are 100-1000 person games with everyone playing at once.

My Team has a 6-10 Most Valuable Team awards.

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I was the MVP of my grade 12 basketball team and was also named to the provincial all star team

I won a silver medal in hockey at the world firefighter games in Paris France

I currently am in the guiness book of world records for playing in the longest official soccer game...a record that has since been broke.

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When I was younger, I use to be able to start a new thread about a hot chick and post a picture of her in the same thread. I know some of you may think this isn't that big of a deal, but some people find it very difficult.

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- Babe Ruth Bambino World Series participant at age 12. Got spanked by California in Oakland. Damn kids had facial hair.

- #1 ranked offensive guard in NC coming out of highschool

- Highschool team was ranked #11 in country by USA Today junior and senior years

- Best Defensive Lineman award at Georgia Tech football camp

- full ride for football

- East/West highschool Allstar football game

- Was going to be starting right guard as a sophmore against Trevor Pryce and Clemson but blew my knee out on the last day of hitting during two-a-days. Never recovered.

- Two time (back to back) member/guest golf champion at Echo Farms C.C. in Wilmington. My proudest moments.

- I have played with 2 Super Bowl starters (Brad Hoover, David Patten) and one World Series winner (Trot Nixon)

- I played against Randy Moss, Terrel Owens, Chad Pennington.... all while in the Southern Conference for you I-AA haters.

- I have lifted weights with Clyde Simmons (Eagles) and actually benched more than he did.

- Oh, and this is not a personal accomplishment, but suck on this App State. Western Carolina University has had at least one player starting in 6 of the last 15 Super Bowls:

XXX - Willie Williams (Steelers)

XXXII, XXXIII - Tony Jones (Broncos)

XXXVIII - Brad Hoover

XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX - David Patten (Patriots)

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SouthCak, where did you go to college?

Anyways, won two state championships in lacrosse as a sophomore and a senior.

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Personal, not competition related:

France, '03, biked from Bedoin up Mont Ventoux without stopping, in what i thought was a decent time, and i cannot remember. I think it was around 2 hrs?? The record is 56 minutes by Iban Mayo.

other mountains:

Col d' Joux Plane - hung over as poo, bout killed me. During the French heatwave of '03

Hautacam - brutal, didnt think id make it back to my hotel after summiting. Stopped a few times.

Alp D'Huez - no way to make without stopping, it was hour before the stage and the Gendarmes stopped me 2k from the top.

Tourmalet - Summited, stage day, no way to make it without stopping due to people.

Kayaking: never thought id ever kayak, let alone paddle a class IV creek at 40.


played them all, but no major accomplishments in the Big 3.

I placed in the top 10 in a Cat4 bike race once, which was big for me.

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