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2008 DE Class Largely A Bunch Of failures

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I think you have to be very careful about small school players, no doubt. But look at players like Rice, Randall, Payton--hall of famers. Heck, you have to be careful drafting big schoolers as well. I mean, in your post, you mention early first round disappointments from Florida, Virginia, and Ohio State. I would disagree with the logic--if you intended this connection--that a guy drafted 200 picks or so later than these you mention is a bust. Here is a question for you and I don't know the answer: If Johnson had been drafted in the first round with the others, would he still be on a roster?

Compare him to Gholston. Both have freakish numbers. In Gholston's defense, I am not sure the system didn't play some role; Johnston has had opportunities in two systems.

I like the point this raises. Players like Jarrett sticks around for three-four years because the team is waiting for him to develop. A player like Kenneth Moore has improved every year and is better than Jarrett right now, but he is more likely to be cut.


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What the fug... Why are Jarrett and Moore being discussed in a thread about DEs? Did they change positions or something?

Meh someone brought up Kenny Moore being better then Jarrett, even as lackluster as Jarrett's stats have been they far surpass Moore's.....I decided to chime in. You got a problem with that.....:D

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I've got a problem with your face. You're going down buddy.


Sorry Future, I should have told you.....I had this guy draft for me....


You got no chance buddy, I can feel the Samurai Coon already.....:D

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