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Bobcats in trade talks for Beasley

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Why do you think Jefferson is so great?? To anyone who follows the NBA in a hardcore fasion, like I do, he isnt a great player, he is pretty much average. You act like he is Kareem times ten, its really embarrassing for you to keep pimping this guy who has done NOTHING in the nba.

Beasley has super amounts of potential and under LB and MF could turn into a superstar. I guess to you that means nothing??


You JACKASSES are focused on Al Jefferson, when I'm focused on Jefferson in the context of what the Bobcats will have around him.

Jefferson ALONE in the universe is different than Jefferson surrounded by Tyrus Thomas, Gerald Wallace, and whoever else is here after they got him.

I'm focused on the Bobcats needs, not "AL JEFFERSON" ALONE, you shortsighted morons.

Do you all have ANY PERSPECTIVE whatsoever? An individual is different than a component.

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