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An ESPN request for you techno-nerds

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Now that we are officially in the off-season, here's something that we can do that would really help a lot of folks: get ESPN to fix their frickin' RSS feed for their NFC South coverage.

See, if you subscribe to PatY's column in your favorite RSS reader ( ) you'll see that he hasn't written an article since Oct 19th.

But we know that's not true if we go directly to the ESPN blog page ( ).

What's going on? It's because either (a) PatY doesn't know how to format his blog posts correctly, typically by copy-and-pasting funky characters from MS-Word.... or (B) ESPN's web folks don't know how to properly format an RSS feed. If you're interested in the technical details, just take a look here:

Anyway, all I'm asking is for you, the caring Carolina Panther fan who is interested in all things NFC-South related, to do is this:

* Tell PatY that he needs to put the smackdown on the ESPN tech folks. You can send him a note here:

* Report the page as having a bug to the ESPN tech folks directly. You can send them a note about it here:

I've been writing in about once a week since November 1st, but I figure if we all could send them messages along the lines of "Please fix your RSS feed for this page", then maybe that would draw some attention to their internal problem, whether it be PatY or the ESPN folks.

Who's with me? Let's do this thing!

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whats an RSS feed?

Do you use a custom Google home page, or My Yahoo at all? Those are RSS feeds.

Better - see on the Huddle's home page the listing showing recent message board postings over on the right side edge? That's an RSS feed too.

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just sent my weekly request to the ESPN "report a bug" link. How about you?

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