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** Smitty Fun Facts: Huddle Edition **

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Thought this might be an entertaining topic to help pass time until August 12th. We all love the Chuck Norris jokes, but Chuck Norris is old news. It's all about #89 now. I'm sure you could use just about anyone that wears a Panthers Jersey for this, but when I think of Chuck, i immediately thin Steve Smith. Such a powerhouse. Break his arm and it doesn't even phase him. I've seen the sense of humor on here and i'm not quite sure why most of you aren't in the stand-up comedy business. I come here for four reasons.... 1) Panthers news 2) Panthers fans 3) always a good laugh after a hard day of work. 4) Huddle member avatars and sigs :D

So on that note.... let's get it started. Steal it from Google or get creative and make your own. Either way...

And in the famous words of Radio...... "Where mah pie?!"

- They once made a Steve Smith toilet paper, but there was a problem. It didn't take poo from anyone.

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and on the eighth day steve smith said LET THERE BE FOOTBALL. and fred smoot and deangelo hall were smote before the lord, and it was good.

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Outer space exists because it's afraid to be on the same planet as Smitty.

Smitty can win a game of connect four in only three moves.

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