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So, what now?

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In the last eight games our defense allowed over 28ppg. Yes, I would get rid of Gamble. Our secondary needs a major overhaul...

You do know there's a reason why teams pass toward Lucas, Marshall, and where Godfrey is in covereage right? Gamble is like our Nmandi.

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Good corners are hard to come by. Gamble is not bad. The soft defensive schemes and lame predictable defense we run doesn't help. Lucas can go away. He did alot for this team after the whole fight thing but lost his confidence and could not perform the whole season. I am not a Gamble fan by no means but considering how hard it is to find competent corners I will take him. This was by far one of his better seasons but he hasn't been consistent the whole time he has been here. Fire trgocrap and get some aggresive minded coordinator here that will use the talent we do have. Fire trgocrap. Please!

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Sometimes I forget how dillusional most fans are.

thank you

My, how insightful---thanks for jumping on the "trash the new guy" bandwagon. The title of my post wasn't "Kill Gamble!", ok?

I'm not a fan of what Gamble has or hasn't accomplished over the years---sorry. With that being said i don't think he's the major catalyst of our issues, either. We have problems that need to be addressed. Have an open mind---we're all on the same side!

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