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Live from the steam room

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That might have been the hottest, steamiest practice of camp yet, just a brutal, sweltering afternoon.

The work was fairly heated as well, as the offense got the better of the defense in a segment of live goal-line work.

The highlight of that one was clearly QB Matt Moore's bootleg run for a TD, which he punctuated by doing TE Jeff King's leaping spike-between-the-legs move. He was able to laugh on the way to the pylon he was so alone, having sold the fake perfectly.

There were a few complications from the heat.

DT Louis Leonard had to be taken in for an IV, and the play got a little sloppy at times.

A few other highlights:

-- Poor C Andrew Crummey can't get a snap down. He launched a few more missiles on shotgun attempts, holding up practice. At one point early he was yanked out of a team drill, and later, when he tried to take a knee and get some water, coaches politely suggested that he find Jimmy Clausen and try to get a few under his belt.

You feel bad for him, but also for all the other guys standing there waiting, or unable to get anything done.

-- Got a few guys back to practice, including WR Trent Guy and LB Jordan Senn. CB Chris Gamble and RB Jonathan Stewart also continued to work, a good sign for two needed front-line players.

RB DeAngelo Williams was out again with an excused personal absence.

-- DE Everette Brown had a good afternoon, looking particularly good in 1-on-1s against LT Jordan Gross.

Brown used power to get Gross moving back the first time, then threw a quick spin move on him the second.

Working against Gross should help him develop, and they need him to.

-- Coach John Fox said DE Tyler Brayton (ankle) was probably day-to-day, rather than week-to-week. That's a good sign, since week-to-week covers everything from compound fractures to poisonous snakebites in Fox's world.

Day-to-day can still mean a few weeks, but Brayton's doesn't seem to be too bad. I wouldn't look for him the next few preseason games, but it sounds like the regular season opener is still in play.

—- Darin Gantt


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High temp at GSP Airport was 88 at 4:53PM and it didn't even break 85 till after 3PM....so I'll vote this has been far from the hottest, steamiest practice yet. Maybe Gantt is more hungover today than any practice yet? Or maybe he used embellishment to round out his report? Anyway, under 90= not to bad at all...just sayin'..

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That might have been the hottest, steamiest dump I've taken at camp yet, just a brutal, sweltering mess.

This is what you should write Gantt. You're welcome.

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Hope they try C.J. Davis at center soon.

Somethings got to give and the Panthers need to get a backup center that can snap,like yesterday.

If something happens to starting center Ryan Kalil,the Panthers will be in a world of hurt.

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