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NFL fines Martin 5 G's for hit on Boss

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NFL is already polluted with too many calls. After watching the Jets/Ravens game...a lot of the holding calls on Cromartie were considered good coverage just two years ago. I never thought until this year that the refs were changing the outcomes of games. There were only a few I could name. This year there is already two and it's Week 1.

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Complete BS... I understand the NFL wanting to "protect" there players but these refs and league officials are watering down the game and getting too trigger happy...Is there a fine quota or something that they couldn't reach this week because Ocho Cino didn't show out?

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WTF does that mean... either you get hit in the head or not.

"The league ruled Friday that while Martin used his shoulder and not his head last Sunday, he hit a defenseless player in the head area, which has become a point of emphasis."

So, let's see if we can get this right-

1. There was no penalty on the play, which means the hit was okay with the refs.

2. The league admits Martin used his shoulder and did not lead with his head

3. The league now says there exists a "head area" that obviously covers an area larger than the head, meaning it extends to what point on the body? Does it include the shoulders, which is the next closest body part to the head besides the neck?

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