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to whom is concerned

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steveSmokin_D    171

to the person that had a bad feeling about tonight it was unwarranted. to those who said the panthers wouldnt play tonight....they did. to those who said at SI that said it was going to be an easy win for the bucs kiss my a**, and to those who made noise tonight, and believed in this team no matter where they were congrats cause carolina proved a lot of people wrong tonight. tampa did put up a good fight (cause of ken lucase who we will replace in the draft next year unless he steps up) but we win and we win at home and nobody cant say we are for real despite what everyone said would be a game ender in jake throwing 2 picks. we showed heart we showed determination and we showed the nfl the resolve of the carolina panthers.

from a fan in arizona wearing the black smith jersey tonight at the bar and being so loud at the mall to where i almost kicked me out.

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chris999    1,502

thats me. I am ashamed that i doubted them. tonight finnally gave me the optimism that we can compete for a superbowl. it was just hard to see past how bad they whipped us the first time around.

until tonight, i didnt think we had beaten a quality team, except for maybe atlanta, so i think my opinion was warranted. I'm glad they changed my mind.

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