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I Say We Promote Davidson To HC, & Keep Mike Trgo As DC

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Hmmm again..

Smh whoever would have ever thought this organization would be up-side down

Think what you want, but behind closed doors, it is

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Wow I just realized Cards offensive coordinator isn't Ken. They have their separate OC

We promote Browns OC to our QB coach, who is a friend of our OC

Jeff - HC Scherer - OC

Future? Looks more like it

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Are you frigging kidding me? I'm more upset with Davidson than any other coach on the team. Our offense completely forgot how the hell we got to the playoffs in the first place!

Davidson may end up being a good HC someday, but I definitely have my doubts about him ever as a OC, thanks to our last game.

Honestly, what is more ignorant? Jake having 6 turnovers, or the fact that we put the game in Jake's hand after the first scoring drive, and then LEFT it in his hands as he showed he was having a miserable night. I understand you don't bench your starting QB, but you GOT to do something to create some momentum, and not put the game into the hands of a player who is playing like crap.

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All this discussion is pretty irrelevant to me. I don't understand how it's even remotely possible that Davidson gets the Head Coach job here. Think about it for a second.

We all pretty much know that Fox is staying here this season. I don't know that an official statement has been made, but if it hasn't, it's basically a 99.9% certainty.

If Fox is fired after next season, I don't see many from the current staff staying. It's been said that Fox and Hurney are a package deal, so Hurney would likely be out too. I think they'd probably clean house, as Trgovac and Davidson are both "Fox" guys. Maybe some positional coaches would stay, such as Jim Skipper.. but beyond that, the house would be pretty much cleaned out.

I don't mind Davidson. I don't think he's bad, but I don't think he's all that great either. To be perfectly blunt, I think I'd rather have Herm Edwards as our Head Coach over Jeff Davidson at this point. Maybe he'll be ready later, but right now there's no way.

The only thing we'd be accomplishing by firing Fox, promoting Davidson, and keeping Trgovac as DC is a first overall pick.

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