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  1. Oh my God they’re going to obliterate this team.
  2. The only thing worse than crying over your team is crying over other people crying over your team.
  3. Safe assumption on an improved line. Chubba can do it. I’d just rather have a bruiser type. One that when the 4th quarter comes, guys have to start making business decisions before they try to tackle.
  4. We are the ginger of the league right now.
  5. If we draft one this year Ill do the same.
  6. Glad to hear it. Sports loses all meaning when our loved ones are in pain. Thinking about yaw.
  7. After I submitted the post I knew this was the answer.
  8. Explanation unnecessary. My “and” was rhetorical as I do not believe they’ve succeeded b/c they didn’t have 1st round picks. They won in spite of it with top notch coaching and proven vets. If folks have the slightest notion we could pull that off, they should go ahead and hop in the bath with a toaster.
  9. Congrats to the Bugs. Looks like we have a legitimate playoff team. Could we win a series?
  10. Coordinators don’t matter if the guy they work for is an idiot.
  11. Pretty spot on. What we have: CMC, DJ, an ok pair of T’s. What we don’t have: QB, interior line, goal line back, TE, and CMC.
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