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  1. Yes Jameis... hold the ball juuuust a bit longer.
  2. He’s not from here so he thinks NC and SC are just 2 sides of the same coin. When in reality one is a typewriter the other a sea otter. Nothing in common except the word Carolina. Seems logical to the outsider, that we would like the same stuff, but NC and SC don’t even like each other let alone the same activities.
  3. He averaged just shy of 45 touches from scrimmage, per game his final 2 seasons at Stanford. Just sayin.
  4. The sewer drain of a nation. A genetic mud puddle. A batch of river rat eating, bug sucking, booger flicking cousin brothers. And that's just the starters.
  5. The reason? The real reason? Start here. https://www.derp/2017/9/13/16304436/panthers-sign-cb-ladarius-gunter-cut-harrison-butker
  6. Nonsense poopy pants!! Why it was right here where I learned that Brady had manifested an extra chromosome over the offseason.
  7. Gamble wanted to blend in to the field. May have grunted a couple times by accident, otherwise silent. Jaycee aint that guy.
  8. Its the way the off-season broke. Got what we could out of the FA pool, addressed other positions in the draft, had to trade for a QB. There are only so many beneficial moves that can be made in one offseason.
  9. I would wager the reason being the Center and 2 Guards. They have the run blocking of a bubbling brook.
  10. Does thou impugn the majesty of Keary Colbert's rookie year?
  11. Adjectives fail to convey the force behind that impact. All I know is, if you swapped me for ZW in that moment, there would be a moment of silence before the next game. A child was crushed by the largest man on our team. That child then got up, took the snap and threw a dart for the completion. I was thoroughly impressed at that display of toughness.
  12. That wasn't supposed to be a slight. Its what we all wanted him to do. Its what he was asked to do. He did it.
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