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  1. The names aren't sexy, the positions aren't either. We drafted 3 of the same position in a row. We traded away picks. The analysts hate all of it. (Huddle does too) -------------- Above is all the proof I need that this was another great #Gettledraft.
  2. I think Jeremy(?) eluded to the possibility that we only meet with prospects with whom we have questions about. If the FO is sold on a guy they more than likely won't bring him in so that they can use that time to answer questions about other prospects.
  3. Really good topic, but how can I get into the thread when the first, the very first reply talks about Marty freakin Hurney? UNREAL!!
  4. If he holds out he forgoes the millions in franchise tag money and loses a year. If he signs the tender he still loses a year of his prime before hitting the open market. Even if he does maintain his excellent level of play next year, his hopes of a high dollar long term contract will take a hit because of his age. Either way he plays this, the Panthers have the high ground in this negotiation and time is not on Josh's side. He absolutely should push for every penny, but hitting the market at this high water mark for him is not gonna happen. The Panthers are his best bet for money
  5. Great tie in Phil. love your perspective as it differs so greatly from my own. It's just plain refreshing. Thanks bud.
  6. This makes me want to wiggle, but when I wiggle, things start to jiggle, and when things start to jiggle the wife starts to giggle and that, we just cant have.
  7. Because that actually sounds kinda cool. Too close to the epic quote from waynes world about la renard and being hunted with only her cunning to protect her. Better but still way too contrived.
  8. F1rst 1 wou1d l1ke to say how b1essed 1 tru1y am to even be here. The panthers are our team and th1s 1s our t1me. no need for crazy pred1ct1ons or whatnot. lets go w1n one for chosen!!
  9. MY BEST GUESS: Two different balls of two different slickness. 1 is slick and hard to hold while the other is roughed up and easier to grip. You dont know what the ball conditions will be at any given point so you practice with both ends of the spectrum. This way it doesn't matter if the ball is slick or not because you've practiced how to hold it. *the above statement in no way reflects the actual meaning, i mean, it could. But really it was a bullspit answer i pulled from betwixt my buttcheeks much like a Russell Wilson pass play.
  10. They teach you to keep your eyes up. thats how Luke got hurt. Lowered his head. theres a whole national safety campaign about heads up tackling.
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