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  1. If we keep 4-5 max, your list should start with Horn and Jackson. Bouye, Melvin, and Taylor were brought in. Pride is gonna have to unseat one of them.
  2. Good lord at the goozle on this guy? Did he swallow a giant jaw breaker? A baseball? Is it a tumor? Washington Football Team is that?
  3. I remember wanting him gone so bad then they drafted this absolute unit out of Alabama…
  4. I wonder what the ratio of playing time will be for the 1st game? Are the starters gonna cameo and dip after a series? Or will The Darnold get extended minutes maybe 1st quarter? Do the 1's go to halftime?
  5. I dont expect the kid to fail, I expect the Jets continue to fail. No ill will towards the little e-boy.
  6. Did they just flex Zach Wilson's college stats at a mid tier program to somehow underscore Sam Darnold's NFL statistics with the Jets? "He's Carolina's problem now." Uh huh... Alright then. Lets revisit this comparison after, oh I dont know? Say, Week 1?
  7. Smitty is my favorite player ever. I hold him in higher regard than some family members of mine. That said, there is no one that would be worse for this young team and a psychologically fragile QB than a uber competitive no filter 89 running around practice son-ing everybody.
  8. Before Julio, Roddy was warping our heads for years. Solid production year in and year out. 6 straight seasons of +1100yds Yeah, hes on the list.
  9. Smitty Julio gets real crowded (Michael Thomas, Marqous Colston, Roddy White, Keenan Mcardell, Joe Horn)
  10. I miss the good old days when the trolls were fat sneaker head swamp donkeys flexing about granite counter tops and foamposits.
  11. I can not NOT read that as Pats Chargers Ravens and what the fug.
  12. Lets just say my fanhood is much more of a healthy hobby now compared to my literal die-hard days.
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