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  1. Highly doubtful. We are in a perpetual tail-spin. No end in sight. It would be more likely to see more than a few quit and start collecting pay checks on the sidelines.
  2. The rules no longer make sense nor is it even consistent in any way other than they consistently suck.
  3. Worst offense we’ve ever put on the field. Bar none.
  4. Yeah, I was a Fitty backer, now I see he is flat ass and boiled pork.
  5. He knew we couldn’t get 10 yards in a single play. From that perspective it was his only shot.
  6. Congrats to the kid. Much deserved. And big props to Frankie! What a performance for him!
  7. So wait, did we lose? I’m confused? What happens when we have more points?
  8. They’ve got to switch up the blocking scheme. This stubborn approach is just dumb. They’re getting blasted out there.
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