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  1. I wish they'd just flat out kill the game instead of this slow death by a thousand cuts.
  2. There are few players from this dark period that I’m gonna cry over. J/k there aren’t any.
  3. Honestly, I don’t miss him. No success was had while he was here. He’s a dawg, fur sure, but I’m not losing any sleep over him. Enjoy ya-self C-Mac, I’m good.
  4. It’s all about what you’re comfortable with. Row 1 up top would be a fantastic spot for the grandkids. Upper level Pros: All-22 view, fun fans Cons: Stairs can be a bit much, longer walks to concessions. Lower lever Pros: Better amenities, closer to the field, fewer stairs Cons: $$$, end zone seats limit views, more business-casual than fan pit.
  5. Whoever poses the biggest and most consistent threat. That team will draw the most ire from our current fans.
  6. That was a frustrating game to watch. We were winning the whole time until Foxy shut it down with a 4th quarter lead… Luckily Jake had some magic left in that elbow.
  7. Put him and Sanders in the backfield. Play action/RPO. Profit/prophet.
  8. The wife and I had a good long conversation during the 1st round that something seemed off about Roger that night. Nothing major, we both picked up on it but couldn’t exactly figure out what it was.
  9. Legit speed threats on the outside, big body targets all over the middle and a legit dual threat RB out of the backfield. The possession type guys are gonna feast. Random thought of the day: If they don’t incorporate Hayden Hurst with “Triple H” or “The Game” or play the DX intro music, an opportunity will be lost.
  10. Is the effort to assemble as much coaching talent as possible opening up the FO to take on riskier projects? With the expectation that we can coach then up?
  11. My son’s first draft that he’s actually watched. This has been a cool night. He’s got his 1st QB. I’m happy for him.
  12. Goodell is nothing more than a public face for the league to attract all the ire and venom from fans that otherwise would be directed at the owners. He’s paid handsomely to be boo’d hither and yon and play the “bad guy.” Thats why he’s the worst.
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