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  1. What you been doing the last few years?
  2. Hot damn! Commercials, billboards and web banners, OH MY!
  3. Trying not to suck and not sucking are 2 separate things. He doesn’t know what he’s doing and the results are clear.
  4. Kurt Warner is a tool-bag. If Trent Green doesn’t get his knee torpedoed by Rodney Harrison, we never know Kurt’s name.
  5. If the best thing he can do is let other people do it, then that’s all that needs to be said.
  6. Now we’re back to why people HATE Rhule. He looks at that line last year and felt he nailed it. Offseason additions are usually universally celebrated. Fresh faces, new energy. It all looks fun and exciting. Trudging thru 18 weeks looking like a new breed of horse turd each week won’t get you a lot of support. Coaches that lose aren’t liked. GMs have to miss on a few draft days and free agency periods to feel the heat.
  7. I remember another 3rd rounder with a massive chip on his shoulder. He turned out pretty good.
  8. I have a rule. If you make the HOF as a Panther, I get your jersey.
  9. I find myself in this neighborhood. 7-10. Dysfunction is thy name.
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