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unfortunately I have not had a lot of experiences of going to the games. Just 2. the first time was 04 vs the falcons, and i sat lower level about row 17, dead center of the endzone. it was a good seat, but at that time, was not a good section as far as fans are concerned. maybe it was that we lost, but the guys behind me kept asking me to sit down. this was my first game, and their attitudes were a real bummer. also once the team got to the other half of the field it was kind of hard to tell where they were.

now this year I was able to make it to the Tampa game, and it was totally different. much better. most likely due to our now much better fanbase. there were no complaining fans that night. I sat in section 504, row 13. thats corner endzone, upper deck if you don't know. i had no trouble seeing anything whatsoever. I have a couple pics in my profile album if you want to check it out.

i would definitely like to experience GTG seats, but for the money...i'd say uppers all day.

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